Word 2013 Expert Course Outline

Word 2013 Expert

Module 1: Creating a Bibliography

Inserting Citations

Managing Sources

Choosing a Style

Inserting a Bibliography

Updating a Bibliography

Review Questions

Module 2: Creating References to Other Documents

Linking to Another Document

Creating and Working with a Master Document

Creating and Working with Subdocuments

Managing Subdocuments

Review Questions

Module 3: Creating XML Forms

Creating a Form

Inserting Controls

Modifying Control Properties

Grouping Controls

Protecting a Form

Distributing a Form

Review Questions

Module 4: Blogging with Word

Creating a Blog Post

Using Blogging Tools

Configuring a Blog Account

Publishing a Blog Post

Review Questions

Module 5: Embedding Objects in a Word Document

Adding Text from a File

Creating a New Object

Creating an Object from a File

Linking Objects to a Word Document

Review Questions

Module 6: Working with Sections

Inserting Section Breaks

Customizing Page Setup for Each Section

Navigating Through Sections

Deleting Sections

Review Questions

Module 7: Using Building Blocks and Quick Parts

Inserting Quick Parts

Using the Building Blocks Organizer

Saving Quick Parts

Review Questions

Module 8: Changing Your Styles

Changing Your Style Set

Changing Your Color Scheme

Changing Your Font Scheme

Making Changes Permanent

Review Questions

Module 9: Doing More with Styles

Creating Styles from Existing Text

Creating Styles Using the Task Pane

Modifying the Quick Style Gallery

Using the Style Inspector

Managing Styles

Review Questions

Module 10: Working with SmartArt

Adding SmartArt

Adding Text

Adding Photos

Moving and Resizing SmartArt

Deleting SmartArt

Review Questions

Module 11: Working with Equations

Inserting Built-In Equations

Modifying Equations

Creating a Custom Equation

Saving an Equation to the Gallery

Review Questions

Module 12: Advanced Macro Tasks

Copying a Macro from a Template

Assigning a Macro to a Keystroke

Assigning a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar

About Macro Names

Review Questions