Office SharePoint Server 2013 Core Essentials Course Outline

Office SharePoint Server 2013 Core Essentials

Module 1: Getting Started with SharePoint Server

What is SharePoint Server?

System Requirements

Opening a SharePoint Site

Understanding the Home Page

Review Questions

Module 2: Configuring Your Site

Adding Users

Creating Apps

Adding a Project Summary

Focusing on Content

Review Questions

Module 3: Customizing Your Site

Changing the Look of Your Site

Customizing the Title, Description, and Logo

Editing the Quick Launch Pane Links

Removing the “Get Started” Tiles

Review Questions

Module 4: Creating Libraries

Creating a New Library

Adding Items to a Library

Customizing Library Views

Customizing Library Settings

Deleting a Library

Review Questions

Module 5: Working with Libraries

Moving Items

Renaming Items

Using Tags and Notes

Sharing Items

Deleting Items

Review Questions

Module 6: Creating a Project Summary

Creating a Task List

Creating Tasks

Viewing Task Options

Deleting Tasks

Review Questions

Module 7: Working with the Project Summary

Searching Tasks

Completing Tasks and Viewing Completed Items

Adding Tasks to the Timeline

Changing Date Display on the Timeline

Viewing Tasks as a Calendar

Review Questions

Module 8: Managing Site Content

Viewing Site Contents

Viewing Workflows

Viewing Site Settings

Using the Recycle Bin

Review Questions

Module 9: Modifying Pages

Editing Pages

Editing Page Properties

Viewing Page History

Deleting a Page

Review Questions

Module 10: Advanced Customization Tasks

Using the Site Pages Gallery

Changing the Home Page

Viewing Incoming Links

Viewing Popularity Trends and Usage Reports

Review Questions

Module 11: Creating and Managing Alerts

Creating a Basic Alert

Managing Alerts

Creating a Custom Alert

Deleting Alerts

Review Questions

Module 12: Configuring Permissions

Sharing the Page

Viewing Page Permissions

Creating Groups

Granting Permissions

Modifying Permission Levels

Checking Permissions for a User or Group

Review Questions