Outlook 2013 Core Essentials Course Outline

Outlook 2013 Core Essentials

Module 1: The Basics

Getting Started

About the Notification Icon and Windows 8 Notifications

Using the Folder Pane

Using Peeks

Review Questions

Module 2: Working with E-Mail Messages

Opening Messages

Replying to Messages

Forwarding Messages

Deleting Messages

Review Questions

Module 3: Creating Messages

Creating a New Message

Formatting Text

Attaching Files or Items

Changing the Theme

Checking Your Spelling

Sending the Message

Review Questions

Module 4: Working with the Calendar

Opening the Calendar

Creating a New Appointment

Creating a Meeting

Using the Daily Task List

Changing the Calendar View

Using the Weather Bar

Review Questions

Module 5: Working with Tasks

Opening the Tasks Folder

Creating Tasks

Changing the Task View

Updating Task Completion

Deleting Tasks

Review Questions

Module 6: Working with Notes

Opening the Notes Folder

Creating and Deleting Notes

Changing the Note View

Arranging Notes

Review Questions

Module 7: Working with People

Opening the People Folder

Creating a New Contact

Marking a Contact as a Favorite

Changing the Contact View

Creating a Contact Group

Review Questions

Module 8: Using Social Networks

Connecting to Social Networks

Viewing Social Network Contacts

Viewing Social Network Information

Removing Social Networks

Review Questions

Module 9: Getting Organized

Creating Folders

Moving Items into Folders

Categorizing Items

Using Search

Using Filter

Handling Junk Mail

Review Questions

Module 10: Using Conversations

Understanding Conversations

Expanding and Collapsing Conversations

Viewing Conversation Messages

Turning Conversations On or Off

Cleaning Up a Folder or Conversation

Ignoring a Conversation

Review Questions

Module 11: Using Quick Steps

Using Default Quick Steps

Creating New Quick Steps

Deleting Quick Steps

Resetting Quick Steps

Review Questions

Module 12: Customizing the Interface

Changing Ribbon Display Options

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs

Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs

Resetting Interface Changes

Review Questions