Word 2013 Advanced Essentials Course Outline

Word 2013 Advanced Essentials

Module 1: Creating Templates

Creating a Template

Saving a Template

Using a Template

Editing a Template

Attaching a Template to a Document

Review Questions

Module 2: Working with Styles

Creating Styles

Applying Styles to Text

Modifying Styles

Deleting Styles

Saving Style Sets

Review Questions

Module 3: Commenting Documents

Inserting Comments

Editing and Replying to Comments

Deleting Comments

Navigating Through Comments

Showing and Hiding Comments

Review Questions

Module 4: Reviewing Documents

Tracking Changes

Navigating Through Tracked Changes

Accepting and Rejecting Changes

Showing and Hiding Markup

Review Questions

Module 5: Configuring Reviewer Settings

Changing Your User Name and Initials

Modifying Track Changes Options

Locking Track Changes On

Using the Reviewing Pane

Review Questions

Module 6: Working with Multiple Documents

Working with Versions

Comparing Documents

Combining Documents

Recovering Unsaved Files

Restricting Editing

Password Protecting Documents

Review Questions

Module 7: Performing a Mail Merge

Starting the Wizard

Choosing a Document

Selecting a Starting Document

Selecting Recipients

Creating Your Document

Previewing Your Document

Completing the Merge

Review Questions

Module 8: Creating Outlines

Using Outline View

Creating an Outline

Expanding and Collapsing Headings

Promoting and Demoting Headings

Moving Headings

Review Questions

Module 9: Creating a Table of Contents

Marking Headings

Inserting a Pre-Built Table of Contents

Inserting a Custom Table of Contents

Updating a Table of Contents

Removing a Table of Contents

Review Questions

Module 10: Creating an Index

Marking Index Entries

Inserting an Index

Updating an Index

Customizing the Index with Styles

Removing an Index

Review Questions

Module 11: Creating References in a Document

Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes

Inserting Captions

Inserting Bookmarks

Creating Cross-References

Inserting Citations

Inserting a Bibliography

Review Questions

Module 12: Using Macros

Recording a Macro

Writing a Macro using the Visual Basic Editor

Editing a Macro

Running a Macro

Review Questions