Publisher 2013 Advanced Essentials Course Outline

Publisher 2013 Advanced Essentials

Module 1: Working with Multiple Objects

Selecting Multiple Objects

Grouping Objects

Ungrouping Objects

Aligning Objects to Each Other

Arranging Objects

Review Questions

Module 2: Inserting Text and Links

Inserting Symbols

Inserting the Date and Time

Inserting Files

Inserting Objects

Creating Hyperlinks

Creating Bookmarks

Review Questions

Module 3: Linking Text Boxes

Understanding Text Box Links

Linking Text Boxes

Navigating Through Linked Text Boxes

Breaking Text Box Links

Review Questions

Module 4: Working with Styles

Creating a New Style

Modifying Styles

Deleting Styles

Importing Styles

Review Questions

Module 5: Using Typography Tools

Inserting Drop Caps

Choosing a Number Style

Choosing a Ligature Style

Choosing a Stylistic Set

Managing Swashes

Choosing Stylistic Alternates

Review Questions

Module 6: Working with Images

Using an Image as a Page Background

Cropping to a Shape

Cropping to Fit or Fill

Correcting Images

Recoloring Images

Review Questions

Module 7: Using the Graphics Manager

Opening the Graphics Manager

Setting Display and Sort Options

Embedding Images

Saving Linked Images

Replacing Images

Viewing Image Properties

Review Questions

Module 8: Using the Mail Merge Wizard

Starting the Wizard

Selecting Recipients

Previewing Results

Creating the Publication

Completing an E-Mail Merge

Review Questions

Module 9: Advanced Mail Merge Tasks

Using the Mailings Tab

Creating Personalized Hyperlinks

Printing the Recipient List

Saving a Shortcut to the Recipient List

Exporting the Recipient List

Review Questions

Module 10: Creating a Catalog, Part One

Inserting Catalog Pages

Choosing a Data Source

Creating a Data Source from Scratch

Choosing a Layout

Review Questions

Module 11: Creating a Catalog, Part Two

Adding Text Fields

Adding Picture Fields

Previewing the Results

Completing the Merge

Review Questions

Module 12: Working with Templates

Creating a Template

Saving a Template

Using a Template

Editing a Template

Review Questions