Publisher 2013 Core Essentials Course Outline

Publisher 2013 Core Essentials

Module 1: The Basics

Getting Started

Signing In

Creating a New Publication

About the Scratch Area

Saving a Publication

Opening a Publication

Review Questions

Module 2: Your First Publication

Creating a Text Box

Typing and Deleting Text

Selecting Text

Using Undo and Redo

Using Cut, Copy, and Paste

Using Drag and Drop

Review Questions

Module 3: Working with Pages

Inserting Pages

Navigating Through Pages

Deleting Pages

Renaming Pages

Creating a Page Background

Changing the Color and Font Scheme

Review Questions

Module 4: Formatting Text

Changing the Font Face, Size, and Color

Applying Text Effects

Changing Character Spacing

Working with the Font Dialog

Using the Format Painter

Clearing Formatting

Review Questions

Module 5: Working with Objects

Selecting an Object

Resizing an Object

Moving an Object

Rotating an Object

Deleting an Object

About Contextual Tabs and the Mini Toolbar

Review Questions

Module 6: Illustrating Your Publication

Inserting Local Images

Inserting Online Images

Inserting a Picture Placeholder

Inserting Shapes

Inserting WordArt

Inserting Tables

Review Questions

Module 7: Inserting Building Blocks

Inserting Page Parts

Inserting Calendars

Inserting Borders and Accents

Inserting Advertisements

Review Questions

Module 8: Using Business Information

Setting up Business Information

Managing Business Information Sets

Inserting Business Information Fields

Adding Building Blocks to the Business Information Gallery

Review Questions

Module 9: The Finishing Touches

Checking Spelling

Inserting Page Numbers

Adding Headers and Footers

Running the Design Checker

Review Questions

Module 10: Using Master Pages

Understanding Master Pages

Creating and Editing a Master Page

Sending Objects to the Master Page

Applying a Master Page

Removing a Master Page

Review Questions

Module 11: Printing and Sharing Your Publication

Saving a Publication as PDF or XPS

Saving a Publication for Commercial Printing

Saving a Publication for Photo Printing

Printing a Publication

E-mailing a Publication

Review Questions

Module 12: Customizing the Interface

Collapsing and Expanding the Ribbon

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs

Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs

Resetting Interface Changes

Review Questions