Project 2013 Core Essentials Course Outline

Project 2013 Core Essentials

Module 1: The Basics

Opening Project

Using the Welcome Project

Creating a New Project

Signing In

Saving a Project

Opening a Project

Review Questions

Module 2: Setting Up a Project

Entering Project Information

Setting Working Time

Choosing Automatic or Manual Scheduling

Entering Tasks

Review Questions

Module 3: Scheduling Work

Organizing Tasks into Phases

Linking and Unlinking Tasks

Moving Tasks

Rescheduling Tasks

Splitting Tasks

Deleting Tasks

Review Questions

Module 4: Managing Resources

Entering Resources

Using the Resource Information Dialog

Assigning Resources to Tasks

Removing and Replacing Resource Assignments

Review Questions

Module 5: Creating a Timeline

Showing and Hiding the Timeline

Customizing Timeline Tasks

Changing the Font for Individual Timeline Items

Modifying Global Text Styles

Copying the Timeline

Review Questions

Module 6: Managing Tasks

Creating Recurring Tasks

Importing Outlook Tasks

Inactivating Tasks

Updating Task Completion

Updating the Project

Review Questions

Module 7: Working with Deadlines and Constraints

Using the Task Information Dialog

Changing the Task Calendar

Using Lag and Lead Time

Creating Milestones

Setting Deadlines

Creating Constraints

Review Questions

Module 8: Working with Data

Sorting Data

Filtering Data

Highlighting Data

Grouping Data

Outlining Data

Review Questions

Module 9: Creating Reports

Creating a Built-In Report

Creating a Dashboard

Creating a Report from Scratch

Creating a Visual Report

Review Questions

Module 10: The Finishing Touches

Viewing the Entire Project

Checking Your Spelling

Running the Task Inspector

Applying a Gantt Chart Style

Highlighting Critical, Slack, or Late Tasks

Review Questions

Module 11: Printing and Sharing Your Project

Saving a Project as PDF or XPS

Exporting a Project as an Excel Workbook

Printing a Project

E-mailing a Project

Review Questions

Module 12: Customizing the Interface

Collapsing and Expanding the Ribbon

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs

Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs

Resetting Interface Changes

Review Questions