Excel 2013 Expert Course Outline

Excel 2013 Expert

Module 1: Using Conditional Formatting

Applying Conditional Formatting

Applying Multiple Rule Sets

Creating Custom Rule Sets

Viewing and Managing Rules

Clearing Custom Rules

Review Questions

Module 2: Working with Slicers

Inserting and Using a Slicer

Renaming the Slicer

Changing Slicer Settings

Formatting a Slicer

Clearing the Slicer

Review Questions

Module 3: Using Power View, Part One

Enabling Power View

Creating a Power View

Adding and Removing Fields

Arranging Fields

Filtering Data

Sorting Data

Review Questions

Module 4: Using Power View, Part Two

Refreshing Data

Choosing a Visualization

Changing Tile Display

Setting Display Options

Review Questions

Module 5: Using the Inquire Add-In

Installing Inquire

Generating a Workbook Analysis Report

Viewing Workbook and Worksheet Relationships

Viewing Cell Relationships

Comparing Two Workbooks

Review Questions

Module 6: Working with Tables

What is a Table?

Creating Tables

Resizing the Table

Choosing a Table Style

Clearing the Table

Review Questions

Module 7: Working with Records and Fields

What are Records and Fields?

Adding Fields by Inserting Columns

Adding Records by Inserting Rows

Deleting Records or Fields

Review Questions

Module 8: Using Excel as a Database

Filtering with Wildcard Characters

Validating Your Data

Data Validation Using Lists

Data Validation Using Formulas

Using Database Functions

Review Questions

Module 9: Using Custom AutoFill Lists

Creating a Custom AutoFill List

Using a Custom AutoFill List

Modifying a Custom AutoFill List

Deleting a Custom AutoFill List

Review Questions

Module 10: Using Comments

Inserting Comments

Editing Comments

Navigating Through Comments

Deleting Comments

Review Questions

Module 11: Tracking Changes

Tracking Changes

Reviewing Changes

Setting Options for Tracking Changes

Stopping Tracking Changes

Review Questions

Module 12: Linking, Consolidating, and Combining Data

Linking Workbooks

Consolidating Workbooks

Consolidating Worksheets

Pivoting Consolidated Data

Review Questions