PowerPoint 2013 Expert Course Outline

PowerPoint 2013 Expert

Module 1: Doing More with Shapes

Editing Shapes

Arranging Shapes

Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes

Adding Text to Shapes

Rotating and Flipping Shapes

Review Questions

Module 2: Embedding Objects in a Presentation

Inserting an Embedded Object

Editing Embedded Objects

Using Embedded Objects in a Presentation

Deleting Embedded Objects

Review Questions

Module 3: Linking Objects in a Presentation

Creating a Linked Object

Opening the Linked Item

Updating Linked Objects

Using Linked Objects in a Presentation

Deleting Linked Objects

Review Questions

Module 4: Working with Action Buttons, Part One

Using Action Buttons to Link to Other Slides

Using Action Buttons to Link to Custom Shows

Using Action Buttons to Link to Other Files

Using Action Buttons to Link to Websites

Deleting the Button

Review Questions

Module 5: Working with Action Buttons, Part Two

Designing the Button

Creating a Basic Mouse Over Button

Clearing the Action

Review Questions

Module 6: Inserting and Editing Videos

Inserting a Video from Your Computer

Applying a Style

Cropping a Video

Correcting a Video

Recoloring a Video

Applying and Removing a Poster Frame

Review Questions

Module 7: Playing Video Files

Adding and Removing Bookmarks

Trimming Videos and Adding Fades

Setting Playback Options

Playing a Video During a Presentation

Review Questions

Module 8: Protecting Your Presentation

Running the Document Inspector

Running the Accessibility Checker

Marking a Presentation as Final

Encrypting Presentations with a Password

Review Questions

Module 9: Checking for Compatibility

Running the Compatibility Checker

Converting Presentations from Older PowerPoint Formats

Saving Presentations as Older PowerPoint Formats

Setting Compatibility Options

Review Questions

Module 10: Setting Up Your Show

Using the Set Up Show Dialog

Choosing Show Elements

Hiding and Showing Slides

Rehearsing Timings

Review Questions

Module 11: Creating Macros

Enabling the Developer Tab

Setting Macro Security

Creating a Macro

Running a Macro

Deleting a Macro

Review Questions

Module 12: Managing Add-Ins

Viewing Add-Ins

Managing Add-Ins

Changing Add-In Settings

Review Questions