OneNote 2013 Advanced Essentials Course Outline

OneNote 2013 Advanced Essentials

Module 1: Handwriting Text

Choosing a Pen

Creating a Custom Pen

Customizing Pen Mode

Handwriting Text

Using the Eraser

Converting Ink to Text

Review Questions

Module 2: Drawing Shapes, Part One

Inserting Shapes

Resizing Shapes

Moving Shapes

Deleting Shapes

Review Questions

Module 3: Drawing Shapes, Part Two

Customizing Color and Thickness

Choosing How Shapes are Treated

Locking Drawing Mode

Toggling Snap To Grid

Review Questions

Module 4: Advanced Picture Tasks

Making Image Text Searchable

Copying Text from an Image

Editing Alternative Text

Restoring a Picture to Its Original Size

Exporting Pictures

Review Questions

Module 5: Customizing Pages, Part One

Showing and Hiding the Page Title and Date Stamp

Showing and Hiding Authors

Adding Rule Lines

Adding a Time and/or Date Stamp

Review Questions

Module 6: Customizing Pages, Part Two

Changing the Page Size and Orientation

Customizing Margins

Changing Page Color

Creating a Custom Picture Background

Review Questions

Module 7: Using Page Templates

Creating a Page from a Template

Setting the Default Template

Saving the Current Page as a Template

Deleting a Custom Template

Review Questions

Module 8: Working with Sections and Section Groups

Creating Sections and Section Groups

Renaming Sections and Section Groups

Deleting Sections and Section Groups

Changing the Color of Sections

Merging Sections

Saving Sections

Review Questions

Module 9: Syncing Your Notebook

Sharing Your Notebook with SkyDrive

Viewing Sync Status

Manually Syncing a Notebook

Syncing All Notebooks

Review Questions

Module 10: Managing Notebook Properties

Changing the Display Name

Changing the Notebook Color

Moving the Notebook

Converting a Notebook

Review Questions

Module 11: Managing OneNote Files

Protecting a Section with a Password

Optimizing OneNote Files

Changing the Cache Location

Changing the Save Location

Review Questions

Module 12: Backing Up OneNote Files

Setting Backup Options

Changing the Backup Location

Running a Backup Manually

Opening and Restoring a Backup

Review Questions