Visio 2013 Advanced Essentials Course Outline

Visio 2013 Advanced Essentials

Module 1: Doing More with Shapes

Using Paste Special

Inserting a Field

Adding ScreenTips

Adding Hyperlinks

Review Questions

Module 2: Working with Containers

Adding a Container

Adding Shapes to a Container

Removing Shapes from a Container

Changing the Style of the Container

Resizing a Container

Disbanding the Container

Review Questions

Module 3: Adding Callouts

Inserting a Callout

Moving a Callout

Changing the Position of the Callout Line

Resizing a Callout

Changing the Callout Style

Review Questions

Module 4: Using Layers

Adding a Layer

Showing and Hiding Layers

Activating a Layer

Preserving Group Member Layers

Coloring Layers

Locking Layers

Review Questions

Module 5: Linking Data to Shapes

Manually Adding Data with the Shape Data Window

Manually Linking Shape Data

Automatically Linking Shapes to Data

Refreshing the Data Source

Removing Data Links

Review Questions

Module 6: Using Data Graphics

Inserting Data Graphics

Creating Custom Data Graphics

Editing Data Graphics

Removing Data Graphics

Review Questions

Module 7: Creating Process Diagrams

Creating a Process Diagram

Adding Shapes

Creating New Sub-processes

Linking Sub-processes

Editing Sub-process Links

Checking the Diagram for Errors

Review Questions

Module 8: Creating Cross-Functional Flowcharts

Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart

Adding Swimlanes and Separators

Adding Shapes

Changing Diagram Orientation and Direction

Modifying Swimlane Margins

Choosing a Flowchart Style

Review Questions

Module 9: Creating Organization Charts

Creating an Organization Chart Manually

Creating an Organization Chart with the Wizard

Adding Shapes

Adding Images

Changing the Shape Style

Review Questions

Module 10: Doing More with Organization Charts

Modifying the Layout

Changing the Spacing

Modifying Positioning

Creating and Using a Synchronized Copy

Comparing Charts

Review Questions

Module 11: Creating Workflow Diagrams

Creating a Workflow Diagram

Adding Shapes

Importing SharePoint Workflows

Exporting Workflows to SharePoint

Creating Stage Outlines

Review Questions

Module 12: Creating Gantt Charts

Creating the Gantt Chart

Entering Tasks, Dates, and Durations

Adding Rows

Adding Columns

Configuring Working Time

Review Questions