SharePoint Designer 2013 Advanced Course Outline

SharePoint Designer 2013 Advanced

Module 1: Working with Data Sources

Viewing Existing Data Sources

Linking to a SharePoint Data Source

Renaming a Data Source

Deleting a Data Source

Review Questions

Module 2: Working with External Objects

Creating an XML Connection

About Database Connections

Creating a Database Connection

About SOAP and REST Connections

Creating a SOAP or REST Connection

Review Questions

Module 3: Working with Individual Lists and Libraries

Opening a List or Library

Changing the List or Library Name and Description

Changing List or Library Permissions

Previewing a List or Library in the Browser

Review Questions

Module 4: Customizing List or Library Behavior

Adding and Removing Content Types

Adding and Removing Views

Adding and Removing List Forms

Adding and Removing Custom Actions

Review Questions

Module 5: Using Cascading Style Sheets

About Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Creating CSS Files

Attaching a Style Sheet to a Page

Deleting CSS Files

Review Questions

Module 6: Using Styles

About Styles and the Style Tab

Creating a New Style

Using the Apply Styles Pane

Using the Manage Styles Pane

Review Questions

Module 7: Working with Web Parts

About Web Parts

Creating a Web Part Page

Adding Parts to an Existing Page

Saving Web Parts

Deleting Web Parts

Review Questions

Module 8: Working with Web Part Zones

About Web Part Zones

Creating Web Part Zones

Customizing Web Part Zones

Controlling Web Part Zone Access

Deleting a Web Part Zone

Review Questions

Module 9: Managing Workflows

About Types of Workflows

Creating Workflows

Viewing Workflows

Editing Workflows

Renaming Workflows

Deleting Workflows

Review Questions

Module 10: Advanced Workflow Tasks

Changing Workflow Start Options

Saving a Workflow Template

Exporting Workflows to Visio

Importing Workflows from Visio

Review Questions

Module 11: Creating Data Views

Creating a New Data View

Editing a Data View

Testing a Data View

Review Questions

Module 12: Creating Item Forms

Creating a New Item Form

Editing an Item Form

Testing an Item Form

Review Questions