Project 2013 Expert Course Outline

Project 2013 Expert

Module 1: File Management Tools

Understanding File Formats

Using AutoSave

Setting File Passwords

Managing Project Information

Review Questions

Module 2: Advanced Task Management

Splitting Tasks

Overlapping Tasks

Delaying Tasks

Assigning Variable Units to a Task

Changing Remaining Work

Review Questions

Module 3: Advanced Task Operations

About Fixed Duration Tasks

Setting and Modifying Fixed Tasks

Adding a Hyperlink to a Task

Adding Custom Fields to a Task

Review Questions

Module 4: Advanced Views

Applying Advanced Views

Viewing Tables

Creating Custom Tables

Creating Custom Views

Review Questions

Module 5: Adding a Shape

Drawing a Shape

Moving a Shape

Resizing a Shape

Deleting a Shape

Review Questions

Module 6: Formatting a Shape

Changing the Order of Shapes

Changing the Line Color

Changing the Fill Color

Attaching a Drawing to a Task

Review Questions

Module 7: Adding a Graphical Indicator

Understanding Graphical Indicators

Setting up the Field

Creating the Indicator

Using Formulas with Graphical Indicators

Importing Criteria from Other Files

Review Questions

Module 8: Formatting the Gantt Chart, Part One

Changing the Text Style

Changing Gridline Settings

Choosing a Layout

Formatting Columns

Review Questions

Module 9: Formatting the Gantt Chart, Part Two

Formatting Bars and Bar Styles

Choosing Tasks to View

Choosing a Baseline

Showing and Hiding Task Information

Review Questions

Module 10: Working with Variances

Using the Variance Table

Checking for Variances

Displaying Work Variances

Displaying Cost Variances

Review Questions

Module 11: The Work Breakdown Structure Code

Understanding WBS Code

Assigning WBS Code to a Task

Viewing the WBS Code of a Project

Customizing WBS Code

Review Questions

Module 12: Saving Cube Data

Choosing the OLAP Data

Using the Field Picker

Saving the Cube

Saving a Database

Review Questions