Access 2013 Core Essentials Course Outline

Access 2013 Core Essentials

Module 1: The Basics

Getting Started

Signing In

Creating a Database

Database Terminology

Saving a Database

Opening a Database

Review Questions

Module 2: Your First Database

About Security Warnings

About Relationships

Searching for Objects

Opening Database Objects

Changing the Object View

Understanding the Types of Views Available

Managing Objects

Review Questions

Module 3: Working with Tables and Records

Creating a Table

Understanding Table Views

Adding and Editing Records

Searching and Browsing Records

Deleting Records

Printing Records

Review Questions

Module 4: Formatting Tables

Selecting Data

Changing Column and Row Width and Height

Applying Text Formatting

Applying Gridlines

Changing Fill Colors

Checking Your Spelling

Review Questions

Module 5: Creating Forms

Creating a Form from an Object

Creating a Form with the Wizard

Creating a Form from Scratch

Understanding Form Views

Using a Form

Review Questions

Module 6: Formatting Forms

Understanding Bound and Unbound Controls

Changing the Theme

Using the Format Painter

Adding Fields

Adding Controls

Adding Images and Logos

Review Questions

Module 7: Creating Reports

Creating a Report from an Object

Creating a Report with the Wizard

Creating a Report from Scratch

Understanding Report Views

Printing Reports

Review Questions

Module 8: Formatting Reports

Changing the Theme

Using the Format Painter

Grouping and Sorting Data

Adding Controls

Adding Images and Logos

Adding Page Numbers, Headers, and Footers

Review Questions

Module 9: Creating Basic Queries

Types of Queries

Creating a Query with the Wizard

Running a Query

Understanding Query Views

Sorting and Filtering a Query

Review Questions

Module 10: Creating Advanced Queries

Creating and Using Parameter Queries

Creating and Using Crosstab Queries

Creating and Using Make-Table Queries

Creating and Using Multiple Table Queries

Creating and Using Append Queries

Creating and Using Delete Queries

Creating and Using Update Queries

Review Questions

Module 11: Managing Your Database

Compacting and Repairing a Database

Encrypting a Database with a Password

Backing Up Your Database

Exporting a Database and Database Objects

Printing Database Objects

Review Questions

Module 12: Customizing the Interface

Collapsing and Pinning the Ribbon

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs

Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs

Resetting Interface Changes

Review Questions