SharePoint Designer 2013 Expert Course Outline

SharePoint Designer 2013 Expert

Module 1: Linking Internal Data to a Site Page

Setting Up an Internal Data Source

Creating an XSLT Data View from a Data Source

Creating an Empty Data View

Review Questions

Module 2: Organizing Data View Information

Filtering Data

Sorting and Grouping Data

About Parameters

Review Questions

Module 3: Formatting Data Views

Showing and Hiding Sample Data

Showing and Hiding the Totals Row

Applying Styles

Changing the Toolbar Display

Review Questions

Module 4: Configuring the Data View Display

Setting Paging Options

Adding and Removing Columns

Configuring Update Procedures

Enabling and Disabling Inline Editing

Review Questions

Module 5: Managing Data using the Data View

Managing Data Source Connections

Using the Data Source Details Pane

Refreshing Data

Changing the Folder Scope

Review Questions

Module 6: Adding Controls to the Data View

Inserting Controls

Using the Toolbox

Adding a Form Action

Previewing the Data View

Review Questions

Module 7: Managing the Data View Web Part

Changing the Title

Changing Chrome Settings

Setting the Height and Width

Choosing What Actions to Allow

Review Questions

Module 8: Using InfoPath with SharePoint Designer

About InfoPath 2013

Creating and Saving SharePoint Forms

Publishing Forms to SharePoint

Submitting a Form to SharePoint

Review Questions

Module 9: Working with InfoPath Web Parts

Creating a List Form Web Part

Modifying Web Part Properties

Testing Web Parts

Review Questions

Module 10: Using Visio to Create Workflow Diagrams, Part One

About Visio 2013

Create a SharePoint Workflow Diagram using Visio

Adding Start Shapes

Adding Stages

Review Questions

Module 11: Using Visio to Create Workflow Diagrams, Part Two

Adding Conditions

Adding Actions

Adding Connectors

Creating Stage Outlines

Review Questions

Module 12: Completing Visio Workflow Diagrams

Checking a Diagram for Errors

Importing VWI Files into Visio

Opening SharePoint 2013 Workflow Diagrams in SharePoint Designer

Review Questions