Microsoft Visio 2016: Part One Course Outline

Microsoft Visio 2016: Part One

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Course Objectives

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Lesson 1:
Getting Started with Visio 2016

About Visio

What are Stencils, Shapes, Connectors, and Templates?

Using the Visio Interface

The Ribbon

The Backstage View

Activity 1-1

Create a New Blank Drawing

Create a New Drawing from a Template

Visio 2016 File Formats

Saving Files

Activity 1-2

Using Tell Me

Accessing Advanced Help Options

Activity 1-3


Review Questions

Lesson 2:
Creating a Workflow Diagram

About the Shapes Pane

Adding Shapes to a Drawing

Connecting Shapes


Stencil and Shape Management

Searching for Shapes

Activity 2-1

Selecting Shapes

Moving and Rotating Shapes

Resizing Shapes

Duplicating Shapes

Deleting Shapes

Activity 2-2

About Callouts and Groups

Inserting a Callout

Moving a Callout

Resizing a Callout

Changing the Callout Style

Creating a Group

Activity 2-3


Review Questions

Lesson 3:
Creating an Organization Chart

About a Basic Organizational Chart

Creating an Organization Chart using the Wizard

Adding Images

Activity 3-1

Modifying the Layout

Changing the Spacing

Modifying Positioning

Creating and Using a Synchronized Copy

Comparing Charts

Activity 3-2


Review Questions

Lesson 4:
Making a Floor Plan

Create a Basic Floor Plan

Drawing Scale

Create Custom Room Shapes

Activity 4-1

Using Visio as a Modeling Tool

Modeling a Room Layout

Activity 4-2


Review Questions

Lesson 5:
Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart

About Cross-Functional Flowcharts

Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart

Adding Swimlanes and Separators

Adding Shapes

Activity 5-1

Changing Diagram Orientation and Direction

Modifying Swimlane Margins

Choosing a Flowchart Style

Activity 5-2


Review Questions

Lesson 6:
Creating a Network Diagram

About Network Diagrams

Creating a Network Diagram

Additional Network Shapes

Activity 6-1

About Shape Data

How to use Shape Data

Activity 6-2

About Layers

Adding a Layer

Assigning Shapes to a Layer

Showing and Hiding Layers

Activating a Layer

Preserving Group Member Layers

Coloring Layers

Locking Layers

Activity 6-3


Review Questions

Lesson 7:
Styling a Diagram

Visio Design Tools

Changing the Shape Style

Connector Styles

Modifying Connector Path Styles

Activity 7-1

Design Themes and Variants

Changing the Theme of the Current Page

Choosing a Variant for the Current Page

Applying a Page Background

Adding Borders and Titles

Activity 7-2

Adding a Container

Adding and Removing Shapes

Formatting the Container Style

Resizing a Container

Disbanding a Container

Activity 7-3


Review Questions

Lesson Lab 1-1

Lesson Lab 2-1

Lesson Lab 3-1

Lesson Lab 4-1

Lesson Lab 5-1

Lesson Lab 6-1

Lesson Lab 7-1


Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet



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