Microsoft Excel 2010: PowerPivot Course Outline

Microsoft Excel 2010: PowerPivot

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Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPivot

TOPIC A: Explore the PowerPivot Application


The PowerPivot Window

The PowerPivot Ribbon Interface

PowerPivot Worksheets

Activity 1-1

TOPIC B: Import Data from Various Data Sources

PowerPivot Data Sources

Data Feeds

The Table Import Wizard

Data Types

How to Import Data From Various Data Sources

Activity 1-2

TOPIC C: Refresh Data from a Data Source

Data Refresh


How to Refresh Data from a Data Source

Activity 1-3

TOPIC D: Create Linked Tables

Linked Tables

How to Create Linked Tables

Activity 1-4


Review Questions

Lesson 2: Manipulating PowerPivot Data

TOPIC A: Organize and Format Tables

PowerPivot Tables

How to Organize and Format Tables

Activity 2-1

TOPIC B: Create Calculated Columns

Calculated Columns

PowerPivot Formulas

How to Create Calculated Columns

Activity 2-2

TOPIC C: Sort and Filter PowerPivot Data

Sort Options

Filter Options

How to Sort and Filter PowerPivot Data

Activity 2-3

TOPIC D: Create and Manage Table Relationships

Table Relationships

Types of Relationships

The Create Relationship Dialog Box

The Manage Relationships Dialog Box

How to Create and Manage Table Relationships

Activity 2-4


Review Questions

Lesson 3: Creating PowerPivot Reports

TOPIC A: Create PivotTables


Flattened PivotTables

The PowerPivot Field List Pane

How to Create a PivotTable

Activity 3-1

TOPIC B: Create PivotCharts


PivotChart Types

How to Create PivotCharts

Activity 3-2

TOPIC C: Filter Data Using Slicers


How to Filter Data Using Slicers

Activity 3-3

TOPIC D: Present PivotTable Data Visually


Types of Sparklines

The Sparkline Tools – Design Contextual Tab

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formats

How to Present PivotTable Data Visually

Activity 3-4


Review Questions

Lesson 4: Using DAX Functions in PowerPivot

TOPIC A: Manipulate PowerPivot Data Using DAX Functions


DAX Functions

Aggregate Functions

How to Manipulate PowerPivot Data Using DAX Functions

Activity 4-1

TOPIC B: Extract Data from Tables Using Functions

Filter Functions

How to Extract Data From Tables Using Functions

Activity 4-2

TOPIC C: Work with Time Dependent Data

Time Intelligence Functions

How to Work with Time Dependent Data

Activity 4-3


Review Questions

Lesson 5: Distributing PowerPivot Data

TOPIC A: Protect Reports

Workbook Protection

Worksheet Protection

How to Protect Reports

Activity 5-1

TOPIC B: Save Reports in Different File Formats

File Formats

How to Save Reports in Different File Formats

Activity 5-2


Review Questions

Lesson Labs

Lesson 1

Lesson Lab 1-1

Lesson Lab 1-2

Lesson 2

Lesson Lab 2-1

Lesson Lab 2-2

Lesson 3

Lesson Lab 3-1

Lesson Lab 3-2

Lesson 4

Lesson Lab 4-1

Lesson 5

Lesson Lab 5-1

Course Wrap-Up

Post-Course Assessment

Course Summary


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