Microsoft Excel 2016: Part One Course Outline

Microsoft Excel 2016: Part One

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Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2016

TOPIC A: Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface

Microsoft Excel 2016

What are Spreadsheets, Worksheets, and Workbooks?

What are Columns, Rows, Cells, and Ranges?

The Excel Interface

Navigation Options

Creating a New Blank Workbook

Creating a New Workbook from a Template

Activity 1-1

TOPIC B: Create a Basic Worksheet

The Ribbon

The Backstage View

Data Types

Excel 2016 File Formats

The Save and Save As Commands

Saving to Microsoft OneDrive

Compatibility Mode

The Convert Option

The Compatibility Checker

Checking for Accessibility Issues

Activity 1-2

TOPIC C: Use the Help System

Using Tell Me

Accessing Advanced Help Options

Activity 1-3


Review Questions

Lesson 2: Performing Calculations

TOPIC A: Create Formulas in a Worksheet

Excel Formulas

The Formula Bar

Elements of an Excel Formula

Common Mathematical Operators

The Order of Operations

Activity 2-1

TOPIC B: Insert Functions in a Worksheet


The Function Library

Common Functions in Excel

The Formula AutoComplete Feature

Activity 2-2

TOPIC C: Reuse Formulas

The Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands

Paste Special Options

Relative References

Absolute References

Mixed References

Activity 2-3


Review Questions

Lesson 3: Modifying a Worksheet

TOPIC A: Manipulate Data

The Undo and Redo Commands

The AutoFill Feature

AutoFill Options

The Transpose Option

Live Preview

The Clear Button

Activity 3-1

TOPIC B: Insert, Manipulate, and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows

The Insert and Delete Options

Column Width and Row Height Alternation Methods

The Hide and Unhide Options

Activity 3-2

TOPIC C: Search For and Replace Data

Cell Names and Range Names

The Find Command

The Replace Command

The Go To Command

Activity 3-3

TOPIC D: Spell Check a Worksheet

The Spelling Dialog Box

Activity 3-4


Review Questions

Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet

TOPIC A: Modify Fonts


The Font Group

The Format Cells Dialog Box

The Format Painter


Live Preview and Formatting

The Mini Toolbar

Activity 4-1

TOPIC B: Add Borders and Colors to Cells

Border Options

Fill Options

Sheet Backgrounds

Paste Options

Activity 4-2

TOPIC C: Apply Number Formats

Number Formats

Number Formats in Excel

Custom Number Formats

Activity 4-3

TOPIC D: Align Cell Contents

Alignment Options

The Indent Commands

The Wrap Text Command

Orientation Options

The Merge & Center Options

Activity 4-4

TOPIC E: Apply Cell Styles

Cell Styles

The Style Dialog Box

Activity 4-5


Review Questions

Lesson 5: Printing Workbook Contents

TOPIC A: Define the Basic Page Layout for a Workbook

The Print Options in Backstage View

The Page Setup Dialog Box

The Print Preview Option

Workbook Views

Headers and Footers

Header and Footer Settings

Page Margins

Margins Tab Options

Page Orientation

Activity 5-1

TOPIC B: Refine the Page Layout and Apply Print Options

Zoom Options

Page Breaks

Page Break Options

The Print Area

Print Titles

Scaling Options

Activity 5-2


Review Questions

Lesson 6: Managing Large Workbooks

TOPIC A: Format Worksheet Tabs

Renaming Worksheet Tabs

Changing Tab Color

Activity 6-1

TOPIC B: Manage Worksheets

Grouped Worksheets

Repositioning Worksheets

Inserting or Deleting Worksheets

Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets

Worksheet References in Formulas

Activity 6-2

TOPIC C: Manage the View of Worksheets and Workbooks

The Split Command

The Freeze Panes Options

The Arrange All Command

The Arrange Windows Dialog Box

The View Side by Side Command

The Switch Windows Command

The New Window Command

Activity 6-3


Review Questions

Lesson 7: Customizing the Excel Environment

TOPIC A: Customize General and Language Options

The Excel Options Dialog Box

The General Category

The Language Category

Activity 7-1

TOPIC B: Customize Formula Options

The Formulas Category

Activity 7-2

TOPIC C: Customize Proofing and Save Options

The Proofing Category

The Save Category

Version Control

Activity 7-3

TOPIC D: Customize the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar

The Customize Ribbon Category

The Quick Access Toolbar Category

Activity 7-4

TOPIC E: Customize the Functionality of Excel by Enabling Add-Ins

What Are Add-ins?

The Add-Ins Category

The Developer Tab

Activity 7-5

TOPIC F: Customize Advanced and Trust Center Options

The Advanced Category

The Trust Center Category

Activity 7-6


Review Questions

Lesson Labs

Lesson 1

Lesson Lab 1-1

Lesson 2

Lesson Lab 2-1

Lesson 3

Lesson Lab 3-1

Lesson Lab 3-2

Lesson 4

Lesson Lab 4-1

Lesson Lab 4-2

Lesson 5

Lesson Lab 5-1

Lesson 6

Lesson Lab 6-1

Lesson Lab 6-2

Lesson 7

Lesson Lab 7-1

Course Wrap-Up

Post-Course Assessment

Course Summary

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