Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Advanced Course Outline

Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Advanced



Section 1: Working with Pictures

Lesson 1.1: Inserting Pictures

Inserting a Picture from a File

Inserting Clip Art

Adding a Screenshot

Overview of the Picture Tools - Format Tab

Overview of the Pictures Mini Toolbar

Working with Images


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Lesson 1.2: Editing Pictures

Resizing Pictures

Moving Pictures

Changing Text Wrapping

Changing Picture Position on the Page

Arranging Pictures

Grouping and Ungrouping Pictures


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Lesson 1.3: Doing More with Pictures

Cropping Pictures

Advanced Cropping Tools

Rotating Pictures

Aligning and Distributing Pictures


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Lesson 1.4: Formatting Pictures

Correcting Pictures

Recoloring Pictures

Applying Artistic Effects

Applying Picture Styles

Formatting Pictures Manually

Editing the Picture's Background


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Lesson 1.5: Managing Pictures

Using the Format Picture Dialog

Compressing Pictures

Changing the Picture

Resetting the Picture

Exporting Pictures


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Working with Shapes

Lesson 2.1: Drawing Shapes

Adding and Deleting Shapes

Using the Drawing Tools - Format Tab

Formatting Shapes with Styles

Formatting Shapes Manually

Resizing Shapes

Moving Shapes


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Lesson 2.2: Working with Shapes

Editing Shapes

Arranging Shapes

Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes

Aligning and Distributing Shapes

Rotating and Flipping Shapes


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Lesson 2.3: Working with Text and Shapes

Adding Text to Shapes

Formatting Text with Styles

Formatting Text Manually

Using the Transform Command


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Lesson 2.4: Advanced Shape Tasks

Using Guidelines and Grids

Using the Format Shape Dialog

Using the Format Text Effects Dialog

Using the Selection Pane


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Working with Advanced Graphics and Objects

Lesson 3.1: Inserting Text Boxes

Inserting a Pre-Defined Text Box

Drawing a Text Box

Common Text Box Editing Tasks

Formatting Text Boxes

Linking Text Boxes


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Lesson 3.2: Inserting WordArt

Inserting WordArt

Common WordArt Editing Tasks

Adding an Outer Border to WordArt

Formatting WordArt with Styles

Formatting WordArt Manually


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Lesson 3.3: Creating SmartArt

Adding SmartArt

Adding Text

Adding Photos

Moving, Resizing, and Deleting SmartArt

About the SmartArt Tools Tabs


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Lesson 3.4: Editing SmartArt

Changing the Layout

Changing the Color Scheme

Changing the Effects Scheme

Resetting the Graphic


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Lesson 3.5: Using Building Blocks and Quick Parts

Applying Built-In Watermarks

Creating and Saving Custom Watermarks

Inserting Quick Parts

Using the Building Blocks Organizer

Saving Quick Parts


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Creating Tables

Lesson 4.1: Inserting Tables

Anatomy of a Table

Inserting Tables

Drawing Tables

About the Tables Tools Tabs

Inserting a Quick Table

Adding an Excel Spreadsheet


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Lesson 4.2: Editing Tables

Selecting Table Data

Moving Tables

Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns

Resizing Rows, Columns, and Tables

Merging and Splitting Cells

Splitting a Table


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Lesson 4.3: Formatting Tables

Applying Table Styles

Changing Formatting Options

Formatting the Table Manually

Formatting Table Text

Changing Cell Margins and Spacing

Aligning a Table and its Cells


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Lesson 4.4: Working with Table Data

Sorting Table Data

Calculating Data with Formulas

Converting a Table to Tabbed Text

Converting Tabbed Text to a Table

Using the Borders and Shading Dialog

Using the Table Properties Dialog


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions

Section 5: Creating Equations and Charts

Lesson 5.1: Working with Equations

Inserting Built-In Equations

Using the Equation Tools - Design Tab

Creating a Custom Equation

Saving an Equation to the Gallery


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Lesson 5.2: Creating Charts

Inserting a Chart

Moving, Resizing, and Deleting Charts

About the Chart Tools Tabs

Editing Chart Data


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Lesson 5.3: Formatting Charts

Changing the Chart Type

Changing the Chart's Layout

Changing the Chart Style

Adding Captions to a Chart


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Lesson 5.4: Analyzing Chart Data

Adding Trendlines

Adding Other Line Types

Adding Up/Down Bars

Adding Error Bars


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Section 5: Case Study

Section 5: Review Questions


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