Microsoft Office Visio 2010 - Foundation Course Outline

Microsoft Office Visio 2010 - Foundation



Section 1: Starting Out

Lesson 1.1: Meeting Microsoft Office Visio 2010

What is Microsoft Office Visio 2010?

What's New in Microsoft Office Visio 2010?

Opening Visio

Interface Overview

Interacting with Visio

Closing Visio


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Lesson 1.2: Working with Visio Files

Saving Files

Opening Files

Using the Recent List

Switching Between Open Files

Closing Files


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Lesson 1.3: Creating a Diagram.

Planning Your Diagram

Understanding Templates, Stencils, and Shapes

Using the New Diagram Window

Finding and Adding Shapes

Connecting Shapes

Adding Text to Shapes


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Lesson 1.4: Using the Shapes Pane

Floating and Docking the Shapes Pane

Minimizing and Hiding the Shapes Pane

Floating and Docking Stencils

Searching for Shapes

Showing and Hiding Stencils

Re-Ordering Stencils in the Shapes Pane


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Lesson 1.5: Connecting Shapes

Customizing the Dynamic Grid, Static Grid, and Ruler

Changing Snap & Glue Options

Creating a Basic Connection

Customizing the Connector

Moving Connectors

Editing Connection Points


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Lesson 1.6: Getting Help in Visio

Getting Started with

Opening Help

Using the Help Screen

Using the Help Toolbar

Searching for Help

Using the Table of Contents

Getting Help in a Dialog Box


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Understanding and Customizing the Visio Interface

Lesson 2.1: Getting Acquainted

Using the File Menu (Backstage View)

Using the Status Bar

Using the Mini Toolbar

Using Dialog Boxes

Using Right-Click Menus

Common Keyboard Shortcuts


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Lesson 2.2: The Quick Access Toolbar

About the Toolbar

Adding and Removing Buttons

Moving the Quick Access Toolbar

Customizing the Toolbar


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Lesson 2.3: Tabs and Groups

About Tabs

About Groups

About Option Buttons

Minimizing the Ribbon


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Lesson 2.4: Customizing the Ribbon

Getting Started

Adding or Removing Tabs

Arranging Tabs and Groups

Creating New Tabs and Groups

Customizing Group Commands

Resetting all Customizations


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Overview of the Command Tabs

Lesson 3.1: The Home Tab

Clipboard Commands

Font Commands

Paragraph Commands

Tools Commands

Shape Commands

Arrange Commands

Editing Commands


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Lesson 3.2: The Insert Tab

Pages Commands

Illustrations Commands

Diagram Parts Commands

Links Commands

Text Commands


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Lesson 3.3: The Design Tab

Page Setup Commands

Themes Commands

Backgrounds Commands

Layout Commands


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Lesson 3.4: The Data Tab

External Data Commands

Display Data Commands

Show/Hide Commands


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Lesson 3.5: The Review Tab

Proofing Commands

Language Commands

Comments Commands

Markup Commands

Reports Commands


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Lesson 3.6: The View Tab

Views Commands

Show Commands

Zoom Commands

Visual Aids Commands

Window Commands

Macros Commands


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Creating Diagrams

Lesson 4.1: Starting Points for Your Diagrams

Creating a Blank Drawing

Creating a Diagram from Local Templates

Creating a Diagram from Online Templates

Accessing Recently Used Templates

Using Visio's Sample Files

Creating a Diagram from Existing Files


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Lesson 4.2: Using Visio's Editing Tools

Using the Selection Tools

Using Cut, Copy, and Paste

Using Undo and Redo/Repeat

Using Find

Using Replace

Using the Format Painter


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Lesson 4.3: Editing Shapes

Setting up Guides

Resizing Shapes

Moving Shapes

Rotating Shapes

Duplicating Shapes

Deleting Shapes


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 4.4: Formatting Shapes

Changing the Fill Color

Using the Fill Dialog

Changing the Line Color and Type

Using the Line Dialog

Adding a Shadow

Using the Shadow Dialog


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Lesson 4.5: Arranging Shapes

Aligning Shapes

Distributing Shapes

Using Auto Align & Space

Arranging Shapes

Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions

Section 5: Doing More with Diagrams

Lesson 5.1: Formatting Text, Part One

Changing Font Face and Size

Changing Font Color

Applying Text Effects

Changing Case


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 5.2: Formatting Text, Part Two

Aligning and Justifying Text

Indenting Text

Creating a Bulleted List

Opening the Text Dialog


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Lesson 5.3: Working with Text Blocks

Drawing a Text Block

Editing Text

Resizing Text Blocks

Moving Text Blocks

Rotating Text Blocks

Deleting Text Blocks

Using the Text Block Tool


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 5.4: Adding Freeform Shapes

Creating a Freeform Shape

Resizing Shapes

Moving Shapes

Rotating a Freeform Shape

Deleting a Freeform Shape


Skill Sharpener

Section 5: Case Study

Section 5: Review Questions

Section 6: Printing and Viewing Your Diagram.

Lesson 6.1: Using Visio's Viewing Tools

Using Normal View

Using Full Screen View

Using Zoom Tools

Using Pan & Zoom

Using Fit to Window and Page Width


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Lesson 6.2: Working with Pages

Adding a Blank Page

Navigating Through Pages

Renaming a Page

Changing the Order of Pages

Deleting a Page


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 6.3: Polishing Your Diagram.

Checking Your Spelling

Rotating a Diagram

Changing the Diagram Layout

Changing the Theme

Customizing the Current Theme

Adding Borders and Titles


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 6.4: Preparing a Diagram for Printing

Changing Page Orientation

Changing Page Size

Scaling the Diagram

Changing Page Properties

Changing Layout and Routing Options

Adding Shadows to the Diagram


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 6.5: Printing Your Diagram.

Changing Print Setup Options

Using Print Preview

Printing the Diagram

E-mailing Your Diagram


Skill Sharpener

Section 6: Case Study

Section 6: Review Questions


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