Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 - Advanced Course Outline

Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 - Advanced



Section 1: Making a Publication Consistent

Lesson 1.1: Creating Master Pages

Understanding Master Pages

Creating a Master Page

Creating a Two-Page Master

Adding Elements to a Master Page

Using Headers and Footers


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Lesson 1.2: Applying Master Pages

Using the Master Page Tab to Apply Master Pages

Using the Page Design Tab to Apply Master Pages

Using the Page Navigation Pane to Apply Master Pages

Editing Master Pages

Using Layout Guides

Removing the Master


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Lesson 1.3: Using Styles

Applying a Style

Creating a New Style

Changing Style Elements

Modifying Styles

Deleting Styles

Importing Styles


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Lesson 1.4: Using Typography Tools

Choosing a Number Style

Choosing a Ligature Style

Choosing a Stylistic Set

Managing Swashes

Choosing Stylistic Alternates


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Working with Building Blocks

Lesson 2.1: Adding Page Parts

Inserting a Page Part

Editing Page Parts

Modifying Page Parts

Adding a Page Part to the Gallery

Finding More Page Parts


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Lesson 2.2: Adding Calendars

Inserting a Calendar

Editing Calendars

Modifying Calendars

Formatting Calendars

Adding a Calendar to the Gallery

Finding More Calendars


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Lesson 2.3: Adding Borders and Accents

Inserting a Border or Accent

Modifying Borders and Accents

Formatting Borders and Accents

Adding Borders and Accents to the Gallery

Finding More Borders and Accents


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Lesson 2.4: Adding Advertisements

Inserting Advertisements

Editing Advertisements

Modifying Advertisements

Formatting Advertisements

Adding Advertisements to the Gallery

Finding More Advertisements


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Working with Mail Merges

Lesson 3.1: Using the Mail Merge Wizard

Mail Merge Basics

Starting the Wizard

Selecting Recipients

Adding Recipient Information to Your Publication

Previewing Results

Creating the Publication

Completing an E-Mail Merge


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Lesson 3.2: Performing a Manual Mail Merge

Selecting a Starting Publication

Selecting and Editing Recipients

Adding and Formatting Fields

Previewing the Merge

Finishing the Merge


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Lesson 3.3: Following Up on the Merge

Printing the Recipient List

Saving a Shortcut to the Recipient List

Exporting the Recipient List

Re-Performing the Merge


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Lesson 3.4: Creating a Catalog

Getting Started with Catalogs

Choosing a Data Source

Creating a Data Source from Scratch

Choosing Records


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Lesson 3.5: Completing your Catalog

Laying Out the Catalog

Adding and Formatting Fields

Previewing the Merge

Finishing the Merge


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Advanced Topics

Lesson 4.1: Using the Graphics Manager

Opening the Graphics Manager

Managing Graphics

Viewing Thumbnails

Choosing a Graphics Set

Sorting Graphics


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Lesson 4.2: Using the Design Checker

Opening the Design Checker

Choosing What to Check

Fixing Items

Setting Design Checker Options


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Lesson 4.3: Managing Commercial Print Settings

About Commercial Print Settings

Tips for Working with Commercial Printers

Choosing the Color Model

Managing Embedded Fonts

Changing Registration (Trapping) Settings

Packing your Publication for the Printer


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Lesson 4.4: Changing Common Publisher Options

Changing your User Name

Changing the Color Scheme

Installing Additional Languages

Changing Security Settings


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions


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