Microsoft Office InfoPath Designer 2010 - Intermediate Course Outline

Microsoft Office InfoPath Designer 2010 - Intermediate



Section 1: Managing InfoPath Designer Files

Lesson 1.1: Using Windows Explorer within InfoPath Designer

Navigating Using Windows Explorer

Performing Basic Tasks with Windows Explorer

Using Views in Windows Explorer

Using the Windows Explorer Navigation Pane


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Lesson 1.2: File Management Tools

Publishing a Snapshot to PDF or XPS

Changing Form Template Properties

Working with InfoPath 2003 and 2007 Forms

Saving Forms in Older Formats


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Lesson 1.3: Managing Form Views

Creating a New Form View

Editing a Form View

Switching to a View

Using the Form View Properties Dialog

Deleting a View


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Lesson 1.4: Changing Form Options

Modifying Available Form Filler Features

Modifying Offline Behavior

Controlling E-Mail Attachments

Choosing Your Security Level

Setting Preview Options

Setting Compatibility Options


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Lesson 1.5: Managing User Roles

Adding a User Role

Editing a User

Removing a User

Changing the Order of User Roles


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Linking Your Form to Data

Lesson 2.1: Working with Data

About XML Schemas

Adding a Resource File

Refreshing Fields

Setting Default Values


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Lesson 2.2: Linking to External Data

Linking to a Web Service

Importing Data from SharePoint

Importing Database Files

Importing XML Data

Managing Data Connections


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Lesson 2.3: Modifying Field Properties, Part One

Using the Fields Task Pane

Creating a Data Binding

Changing a Data Binding

Viewing Control Details

Changing the Control Type


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Lesson 2.4: Modifying Field Properties, Part Two

Grouping Fields

Re-Ordering Fields

Deleting a Field

Referencing a Field

Viewing Field Properties


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Creating Advanced Form Parts

Lesson 3.1: Creating Template Parts

Understanding Template Parts

Creating a Template Part

Saving a Template Part

Using a Template Part


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Lesson 3.2: Creating Object Controls

Inserting an Object Control

Formatting Object Controls

Assigning Actions to Object Controls


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Lesson 3.3: Creating Repeating Controls

Creating a Repeating Control

Adding Existing Controls into a Repeating Control

Deleting Repeating Controls


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Lesson 3.4: Creating Master/Detail Controls

Creating a Master/Detail Control

Formatting Master/Detail Controls

Using a Master/Detail Control in InfoPath Filler


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Lesson 3.5: Creating Choice Groups

Creating Choice Groups

Formatting Choice Groups

Using Choice Groups in InfoPath Filler


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Adding Objects to a Form

Lesson 4.1: Inserting Pictures

Adding a Picture from a File

Adding Clip Art

Overview of the Picture Tools – Format Tab

Using the Format Picture Dialog


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Lesson 4.2: Editing Pictures

Resizing Pictures

Moving Pictures

Adding Borders

Setting Alternative Text


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Lesson 4.3: Adding Other Objects

Creating a Hyperlink

Inserting a Horizontal Line

Resizing a Horizontal Line

Inserting a Symbol


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions


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