Working Smarter: Using Technology to your Advantage Course Outline

Working Smarter: Using Technology to your Advantage

How to Use This Guide

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Making Your Company a Technology-Friendly Place

Tips and Tricks

Acme Consulting, Part One

Session Three: Conquering Computers

Session Four: Communicating with the IT Department

Session Five: Choosing Software Wisely

The Three-Step Process

Acme Consulting, Part Two

Session Six: Technical Training

Types of Training

Training Tips

Session Seven: Setting an IT Budget

Budget Basics

The Shrinking Budget

Session Eight: Security and Privacy

An Employee’s Rights

Doing Your Part

An Employer’s Rights

Session Nine: Uncontrolled vs. Controlled Networks

Session Ten: Ergonomics

What is Ergonomics?


Session Eleven: System Usage Policies

What is a System Usage Policy?

Sample Internet, E-Mail, and Computer Usage Policy

Acme Consulting, Part Three

Session Twelve: Taking Care of Company Property

Basic Rules of Etiquette

Making Connections

Session Thirteen: Time-Saving Tools

E-Mail Applications

Tips and Tricks

E-Mail Etiquette

Scheduling Applications

Contact Management Applications

Session Fourteen: Telephone Etiquette

Session Fifteen: Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging Etiquette

Understanding Acronyms

Session Sixteen: Telecommuting

What is Telecommuting?

Preparing for Telecommuting

To Telecommute or Not to Telecommute

Session Seventeen: Workplace Rage

Session Eighteen: It’s Not Working!

Session Nineteen: A Policies and Procedures Checklist

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys

Personal Action Plan

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