Identifying and Combatting Fake News Course Outline

Identifying and Combatting Fake News

Session One: Course Overview

Learning Objectives


Pre-Course Assessment

Session Two: Evolution of ‘The Truth’

The Truth

Pre-Assignment Review

Fake News Defined

Making Connections: Your Thoughts

The Media Safety Valve

Making Connections: Your Advisors

Session Three: The Challenge of ‘Social’

What is the Purpose of the Media?

Making Connections: Social Communication

Feeding the Machine

Making Connections: Your Advisors

Session Four: Life of a Target

Links in the Chain

How Fake News Spreads

You as a Link

Making Connections: Power of Persuasion

Understanding Your Company

Making Connections: Newsfeed Search

Forums for Your Audience

Making Connections: Storefront Review

Session Five: Deconstructing Fake News

Deconstructing Fake News

Making Connections: A Fake News Encounter

Separating Fact from fiction

Making Connections: Real or Fake

Session Six: Coping with a Crisis

Coping with a Crisis

From Crisis To Opportunity

Crisis Defined

Shrinking the Target

Making Connections: Reaction Time

Staying Clear of the Smear

Real Versus Fake Revisited

Session Seven: Proactive Approaches

Letting Social Media Serve You

Understanding Your Customers

A Closer Look at Customers Activity

Relationships Reviewed

Making Connections: A Look at Methods

Examining Your Ingredients

Making Connections: Checklist

Reaching Out Online

Making Connections: Reaching Out

Maintaining the Momentum

Your Fake News Reaction Online

Personal Action Plan


Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Course Assessment Answer Keys

Pre-Course Assessment

Post-Course Assessment

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