Microsoft Windows Vista - Expert Course Outline

Microsoft Windows Vista - Expert

Section 1: Harnessing the Power of the Web

Lesson 1.1: Using Remote Desktop

Preparing to Use Remote Desktop

Opening Remote Desktop

Configuring Remote Desktop

Accessing Another Computer using Remote Desktop


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Lesson 1.2: Using Remote Assistance

Remote Desktop vs. Remote Assistance

Inviting Someone to your Computer

Responding to a Remote Assistance Invitation

Using Remote Assistance


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Lesson 1.3: People Near Me

What is People Near Me?

Opening People Near Me

Setting Your Sign-In Options

Using People Near Me


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Lesson 1.4: Windows Live Messenger

Downloading and Installing Windows Live Messenger

Signing into Windows Live Messenger

Interface Overview

Sending Messages

Signing Out


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Lesson 1.5: Windows Meeting Space

Opening Windows Meeting Space

Setting up a Windows Meeting Space

Starting a Meeting

In the Meeting Room


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Troubleshooting your Computer

Lesson 2.1: Backing up your Computer

Launching the Backup and Restore Center

Backing Up Your Files

Backing Up Your Computer

Restoring Files

Using Easy Transfer


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Lesson 2.2: Troubleshooting your Computer

Opening the Problem Reports and Solutions Center

Viewing Problems

Checking for Solutions

Implementing Solutions

Changing Settings


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Lesson 2.3: Using the System Configuration Utility


Using Preset Startup Options

Manually Modifying Programs and Services

Using MSCONFIG Tools


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Lesson 2.4: Using System Restore

Opening System Restore

Creating a System Restore Point

Restoring your Computer to an Earlier Time

Undo a System Restore Point

Changing System Restore Settings


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Computer Management Tools

Lesson 3.1: Vista's Hard Disk Management Utilities

Enabling ReadyBoost

Using BitLocker

Using the Encrypting File System

About Windows ReadyDisk


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Lesson 3.2: Advanced Hard Disk Management

Opening Computer Management

Interface Overview

Creating a Partition

Formatting a Hard Disk

Mounting or Dismounting a Disk Drive


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Lesson 3.3: Advanced Computer Management

About Windows Services Hardening and Security

Using Data Execution Prevention

Setting up Access Control Lists

About Network Access Protection

About User Account Control


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Lesson 3.4: Vista Mobility Features

Introducing Windows Sideshow

Using the Mobility Center

Setting Power Options

Setting Tablet PC Options


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Advanced Topics

Lesson 4.1: Speech Recognition

Opening Speech Recognition

Setting Speech Recognition Options

Training your Computer

Using Speech Recognition


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Lesson 4.2: Using Administrative Tools, Part One

Editing your Paging File

Scheduling the Processor

Setting Advanced Visual Effect Options


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Lesson 4.3: Using Administrative Tools, Part Two

Viewing Advanced System Information

Using Event Logs

Using the Reliability and Performance Monitor

Generating System Health Reports


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions


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