Adobe Photoshop CS - Intermediate Course Outline

Adobe Photoshop CS - Intermediate

SECTION 1: Working with Retouch Tools

Lesson 1.1: Working with Retouch Tools

What is Retouching?

The Blur Tool

The Sharpen Tool

The Smudge Tool

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.2: More Retouching Tools

The Dodge Tool

The Burn Tool

The Sponge Tool

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.3: Working With Colour Brightness and Contrast

What are Hue and Saturation?

Working With Hue and Saturation

Working with Brightness and Contrast

Working with Shadows and Highlights

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.4: Retouching with Stamps and Brush Tools

The Healing Brush

Using the Patch Tool

The Clone Stamp

The Pattern Stamp

Practice Exercise

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Using Layers

Lesson 2.1: Understanding Layers

What is a Layer?

Creating Layers

Deleting a Layer

Renaming a Layer

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.2: Working With Layers

Hiding and Displaying Layers

Changing Layer Transparency

Arranging Layers

Duplicating Layers

Layer via Cut and Layer via Copy

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.3: More on Layers

Locking Layers

Linking Layers

Merging Layers

Flattening the Image

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.4: Adjustment Layers

What is an Adjustment Layer?

Using Adjustment Layers

Adjustments and Masks

Grouping Adjustment Layers

Practice Exercise

Section 2: Review Questions

SECTION 3: Getting Creative with Photoshop

Lesson 3.1: Working with Brushes

Using the Paint Bucket

Using the Paint Brush

Using the Airbrush

Working with Custom Brushes

Creating a Custom Brush from Scratch

Using the Pencil Tool

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.2: Photoshop Type Tools

The Character Palette

Working with Horizontal Type

Working with Vertical Type

Modifying Type

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.3: Drawing and Vector Graphics

Working with Shape Tools

Working with Custom Shapes

Using Pens in Photoshop

The Path Selection Tools

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.4: Colours and Colour Effects

Selecting Foreground and Background Colour

The Eye Dropper

Applying a Colour Gradient

Enhancing a Selection with a Colour Stroke

Practice Exercise

Section 3: Review Questions

SECTION 4: Working with Masks and Channels

Lesson 4.1: Using Masks

What is a Mask?

Working with Quick Masks

Layer Masks

Manipulating a Layer Mask

Practice Exercise

Lesson 4.2: Working with Masks and Channels

What are Channels?

RGB, CMYK, and Lab Channels

Selections and Channels

Channels and Masks

Practice Exercise

Section 4: Review Questions

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