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Google G Suite Connect

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Lesson 1: Google Gmail

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Gmail

What is Gmail?

Opening Gmail

Navigating the Interface

Changing Theme and Inbox Types

TOPIC B: Sending, Reading, and Replying to Messages

Drafting a Message

Using Attachments

Inserting Images into a Message

Replying to and Forwarding a Message

Viewing Sent Messages, Trash, and Spam

Muting a Conversation

TOPIC C: Organizing and Searching Mail

Working with Multiple Messages

Create Labels for Messages and Conversations

Moving Messages Between Labels

Using Stars

Creating Filters to Automatically Organize Messages

Search Your Messages

TOPIC D: Managing Your Contacts

Navigating Contacts

Create and Edit Contacts

Create and Edit Contact Groups

Create an Email From Contacts

Activity 1: Getting Started with Gmail


Review Questions

Lesson 2: Google Calendar

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Calendar

What is Google Calendar?

Navigating the Interface

Changing the Way Calendar Looks

TOPIC B: Create and Manage Events

Create a Calendar Event

Create All-Day and Repeating Events

Edit and Delete a Calendar Event

Invite Guests to an Event

Adding a Room or Resource to an Event

Creating Appointment Slots

TOPIC C: Create Additional Calendars

Creating a Secondary Calendar

Creating Events on the Secondary Calendar

Hiding and Deleting Other Calendars

Working with Reminders

TOPIC D: Sharing Your Calendar

Opening Another Person’s Calendar

Sharing Your Calendar with Others

Making Your Calendar Public

Activity 2: Using Google Calendar


Review Questions

Lesson 3: Google Forms

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Forms

What is Google Forms?

Opening Google Forms

Navigating the Interface

TOPIC B: Build Forms

Create and Title a Form

Adding Questions

Adding Images and Videos

Adding Sections

Choosing Form Settings

Creating a Form Using a Template

Previewing a Form

TOPIC C: Work with Responses

Sending the Form to Recipients

Viewing Response Data

Pause or Stop Collection

Deleting a Form

Activity 3: Using Google Forms


Review Questions

Lesson 4: Google Hangouts

TOPIC A: Overview

What is Google Hangouts?

Opening Google Hangouts

Navigating the Interface

TOPIC B: Messaging and Text Hangouts

Starting a Conversation

Starting a Group Chat

Reviewing and Resuming Past Chat with History

Archiving a Text Chat

TOPIC C: Video and Phone Hangouts

Start a Video Call

Sending a Message While on a Call

Sharing Your Screen

Create a Video Meeting

Make a Phone Call with Hangouts

TOPIC D: Hangouts Chat

What is Google Hangouts Chat?

Navigating the Interface

Starting a One-to-One Chat

Creating a Room

Activity 4: Using Google Forms


Review Questions

Lesson 5: Google Plus

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Plus

What is Google Plus?

Opening Google Plus

Navigating the Interface

TOPIC B: Create and Optimize Your Profile

Set Up Your Profile

Add a Cover Photo

Add a Profile Photo

About the Hovercard

TOPIC C: Creating Posts

Creating an Article Post

Creating an Image Post

Creating a Poll

Adding Comments

Activity 5: Getting Started with Google Sheets


Review Questions

Course Wrap-Up

Post-Course Assessment

Course Summary


Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet



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