Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding Part 2 Course Outline

Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding Part 2

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Lesson 1: Performance and Organization

TOPIC A: Strategy and Structure


Style Architecture

TOPIC B: Object-oriented CSS

Object-oriented CSS Methodology

Separating Structure from Skin

Separate Content from Container

TOPIC C: Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

Scalable and Modular CSS

The Five Core Categories

Which Methodology Should You Choose?

TOPIC D: Reusable Code

Reusing Styles

Activity 1-4: Writing Reusable Code


Review Questions

Lesson 2: HTML: How to Position Content

TOPIC A: Review

Common Terms

TOPIC B: Positioning Content with Floats

Positioning with Floats

Layout without Floats

Three-Column Layout with Floats

Clearing Floats

Activity 2-2: Combining Two and Three Column Layouts

TOPIC C: Positioning with Inline-Block

Positioning with Inline-Block

Activity 2-3: Creating Columns with Inline-Block


Review Questions

Lesson 3: Complex Selectors

TOPIC A: Commonly Used Selectors

Type Selector

Class Selectors

ID Selectors

Child Selectors

TOPIC B: Attribute Selectors

Attribute Present Selector

Attribute Equals Selector

Attribute Contains Selector

Attribute Begins or Ends with Selector


Activity 3-2: Using Selectors


Review Questions

Lesson 4: Responsive Web Design

TOPIC A: Flexible Layouts

Flexible Layout

Flexible Grid

TOPIC B: Media Queries

Using Media Queries

Logical Operators in Media Queries

Activity 4-2: Using Dynamic Widths and Media Queries


Review Questions

Lesson 5: Writing Your Best Code

TOPIC A: HTML Coding Practices

Standards-Compliant Markup

Use of Semantic Elements

Use of Proper Document Structure

Keep Syntax Organized

Activity 5-1: Applying Best Practices for HTML

TOPIC B: CSS Coding Practices

Organizing Code with Comments

Writing CSS Using Multiple Lines and Spaces

Use Proper Class Names

Use Shorthanded Properties and Values

Activity 5-2: Applying Best Practices for CSS


Review Questions

Lesson Labs

Lesson 1

Lesson Lab 1-1

Lesson 2

Lesson Lab 2-1

Lesson 3

Lesson Lab 3-1

Lesson 4

Lesson Lab 4-1

Lesson 5

Lesson Lab 5-1

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