Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Intermediate Course Outline

Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Intermediate

Section 1: Using Layers

Lesson 1.1: Using Layers

What Is A Layer?

Using the Layers Palette

Hiding and Displaying Layers

Changing Layer Opacity

Arranging Layers


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Lesson 1.2: Working with Layers

Creating Basic Layers

Deleting Layers

Renaming a Layer

Creating a Layer via Cut

Creating a Layer via Copy


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Lesson 1.3: More on Layers

Making Adjustments with Layers

Using Fill Layers

Using Layer Styles and Effects

Adding a Color Stroke to a Layer

Grouping Layers


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Lesson 1.4: Advanced Layers

Using Auto-Align

Using Auto-Blend

Linking Layers

Duplicating Layers

Merging Layers

Exporting Layers


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Retouching Images

Lesson 2.1: Working with Retouch Tools

What is Retouching?

The Blur Tool

The Sharpen Tool

The Smudge Tool


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Lesson 2.2: More Retouching Tools

The Dodge Tool

The Burn Tool

The Sponge Tool


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Lesson 2.3: Working with Color, Brightness, and Contrast

What are Hue, Saturation, and Brightness?

Working with Hue

Working with Saturation

Working with Lightness

Working with Brightness and Contrast

Working with Shadows and Highlights


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Lesson 2.4: Retouching With Stamps and Brushes

The Healing Brush

The Patch Tool

The Clone Stamp

The Pattern Stamp Tool


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Getting Creative

Lesson 3.1: Working with Brushes

Using the Paint Bucket

Using the Brush

Working with Custom Brushes

Using the Airbrush

Using the Pencil Tool


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Lesson 3.2: Using Type Tools

Working with Horizontal Type

Working with Vertical Type

Modifying Type

Performing a Spell Check

Working with the Character Palette


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Lesson 3.3: More Photoshop Drawing Tools

Working with Lines and Shapes

Working with Custom Shapes

Using Pens

Using the Freeform Pen

Adding or Deleting Anchor Points

Adding Curves to Your Path

Converting a Path to a Selection

Working with Paths


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Lesson 3.4: Rasterization

Understanding Rasterize

Using Rasterize

Undoing Rasterize

Flattening the Image


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Working with Masks, Channels, and Filters

Lesson 4.1: Using Masks

What is a Mask?

Using Quick Mask

Using Layer Masks

Using Vector Masks

Using Clipping Masks


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Lesson 4.2: Working with Channels

What are Channels?

Types of Channels

Using the Channels Palette

Creating an Alpha Channel


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Lesson 4.3: Modifying Images with Filters

What Are Filters?

Using the Photoshop Filter Gallery

About Smart Filters

Working with the Sharpen Filter and Sharpen Edges Filter

Working with Blur Filters


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Lesson 4.4: Using Effects Filters

Using the Artistic Filters

Using the Distort Filters

Using the Pixelate Filters

Using the Noise Filters

Using Other Filters


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Lesson 4.5: Advanced Filter Tasks

Liquifying an Image

Using the Pattern Maker

Embedding a Watermark in an Image


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions


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