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Google G Suite Create

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Course Prerequisites

Course Overview

Course Objectives

How To Use This Book

Lesson 1: About G Suite

TOPIC A: Overview

What is Google G Suite?

G Suite Applications

Why Use G Suite?

TOPIC B: Signing In

Signing In

Navigating Google Apps

Signing Out


Review Questions

Lesson 2: Google Drive

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Drive

What is Google Drive?

Navigate the Interface

Viewing Files

Downloading Files

TOPIC B: Work with Files

Upload Files to the Web

Upload and Sync Files with Drive File Stream

Delete and Recover Files

TOPIC C: Organize and Search Google Drive

Using Folders

Changing the Sort Type

Using Stars to Group Files

Search for Files and Folders

Activity 2-3


Review Questions

Lesson 3: Google Docs (Part 1)

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Docs

What is Google Docs?

Opening Google Docs

Navigating the Interface

Naming and Saving a Document

TOPIC B: Composing and Editing Google Docs (Part 1)

Changing Text Size, Font, and Color

Applying Text Effects

Highlighting Text

Applying and Creating Styles

Using the Paint Format Tool

Inserting Lines, Footnotes, and Page Breaks

TOPIC C: Composing and Editing Google Docs (Part 2)

Changing Headers and Footers

Adding Page Numbers

Creating a Table of Contents

Setting Page Margins, Orientation, and Color



Review Questions

Lesson 4: Google Docs (Part 2)

TOPIC A: Working with Images and Tables

Inserting and Removing an Image

Changing Image Placement

Inserting and Removing Tables

Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns

Changing Table Options

Formatting Cells

Resizing a Table

TOPIC B: Collaborate with Google Docs

Share Files with Other Google Users

Edit a Document with Another User at the Same Time

Working with Versions

Make and Work with Suggested Edits

TOPIC C: Reviewing and Distributing Documents

Adding Comments


Emailing a Doc

Printing a Doc

Downloading a Doc

Activity 4-3


Review Questions

Lesson 5: Google Sheets

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Sheets

What is Google Sheets?

Opening Google Sheets

Navigating the Interface

Naming, and Saving a Spreadsheet

Understanding Common Google Sheets Terminology

TOPIC B: Editing Spreadsheets

Entering and Importing Cell Contents

TOPIC C: Working with Spreadsheet Data

Sorting Data on a Spreadsheet

Using Formulas and Functions

Using Quick Sum

Referencing Data from other Sheets

Creating Charts

Inserting, Deleting, and Clearing Rows and Columns

Moving Rows, Columns, and Cells

Creating a Series of Numbers or Dates

TOPIC D: Formatting and Finalizing Spreadsheets

Freezing Rows and Columns

Formatting Cells, Rows, and Columns

Using Conditional Formatting

Adding Comments

Emailing a Spreadsheet

Activity 5-4


Review Questions

Lesson 6: Google Slides

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Slides

What is Google Slides?

Opening Google Docs

Navigating the Interface

Naming and Saving a Presentation

TOPIC B: Formatting a Presentation

Choosing a Theme

Adding and Deleting a Slide

Changing the Background

Changing the Layout

Changing the Transition

Animating an Object

TOPIC C: Editing Google Slides

Entering and Editing Slide Text

Adding Images

Adding Shapes and Lines

Adding Charts

Adding Speaker Notes

TOPIC D: Presenting and Sharing Google Slides


Present a Presentation

Email a Presentation

Activity 6-4


Review Questions

Course Wrap-Up

Post-Course Assessment

Course Summary

Next Steps


Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet



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