Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding Course Outline

Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding

About This Course

Course Prerequisites

Course Overview

Course Objectives

How to Use This Book

Lesson 1: Getting Started with HTML


HTML – Background Information

Anatomy of an HTML Tag

Getting Started

Activity 1-1: Inspecting a Webpage

TOPIC B: Basic Webpage Elements

The Heading Tag

Paragraph and Break Tags

Basic Text Formatting Tags

Activity 1-2: Using HTML to Add Basic Elements

TOPIC C: Creating Lists

Ordered Lists

Unordered Lists

List Items

Activity 1-3: Creating an HTML List


Review Questions

Lesson 2: Doing More with HTML

TOPIC A: Images in HTML

The Image Tag

Defining an Image Source

Defining Alternative Text for the Image

Image Sizing

Activity 2-1: Adding an Image in HTML

TOPIC B: Links in HTML

Linking to Another Webpage

Internal Links

Activity 2-2: Adding a link

TOPIC C: Tables in HTML

Breakdown of a Table in HTML

Table Header Row

Table Data Rows

Activity 2-3: Creating an HTML Table


Review Questions

Lesson 3: Getting Started with CSS

TOPIC A: Basics of CSS

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets