Microsoft Windows Vista - Advanced Course Outline

Microsoft Windows Vista - Advanced

Section 1: Making Vista Work for You

Lesson 1.1: Meet the Control Panel

Opening the Control Panel

Control Panel Overview

Navigation Basics

Classic View vs. Vista View


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Lesson 1.2: Common Customization Tasks

Changing Your Color Scheme

Modifying Screen Resolution

Changing your Sound Scheme

Changing the Date and Time

Setting the Volume


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Lesson 1.3: Advanced Customization Tasks

Changing How Your Mouse Behaves

Setting Your Language

Modifying Startup Programs Using the Control Panel

Viewing System Information

Disabling the Welcome Center


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Lesson 1.4: Setting Accessibility Options

Opening Ease of Access Center

Changing Mouse Options

Optimizing Your Display

Changing Input Methods


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Lesson 1.5: Customizing User Accounts

Opening User Accounts

Changing User Account Properties

Adding a User Account

Removing a User Account


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Networking with Vista

Lesson 2.1: Overview of Networking

Networking Terms

Using the Networking and Sharing Center

Hardware Requirements

Setting up an Internet Connection

Setting up a Simple Network


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Lesson 2.2: Basic Networking Tasks

Viewing your Network Map

Using Sharing and Discovery

Sharing Drives, Folders, & Resources

Browsing the Network

Basic Network Troubleshooting


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Lesson 2.3: Advanced Networking Tasks

Mapping a Network Drive

Connecting to a Network Printer

Connecting to a Domain

Managing Network Connection and Protocols


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Lesson 2.4: Wireless Networking

Types of Wireless Networks

Wireless Networking Hardware and Terms

Automatically Connecting to a Wireless Network

Manually Connecting to a Wireless Network

Wireless Network Troubleshooting


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Maintaining and Optimizing your Computer

Lesson 3.1: Maintaining your Computer

Defragmenting your Hard Disk

Cleaning Up Your Hard Disk

Repairing Hard Disk Errors

Setting Power Options


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Lesson 3.2: Optimizing your Computer

Using Windows Update

Clearing Temporary Internet Files & Cookies

Scheduling Tasks

About Fast User Switching


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Lesson 3.3: Using Windows Defender

Opening Windows Defender

Interface Overview.

Performing a Scan

Removing Malicious Objects


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Lesson 3.4: Advanced Windows Defender Tasks

Removing Startup Items

Using Quarantine

Using Software Explorer

Setting Defender Options


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Lesson 3.5: Keeping your Family Safe

Opening the Parental Controls Center

Setting Games Ratings

Setting Time Limits

Restricting Applications

Viewing Activity Reports


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Hardware and Software

Lesson 4.1: The Basics of Managing Software

Installing Software Packages

Removing Software Packages

Changing Startup Programs

Setting Program Compatibility Options


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Lesson 4.2: Advanced Software Management

Enabling or Disabling Windows Features

Using Windows Task Manager

Changing Default Applications

Setting File Types


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Lesson 4.3: Managing Hardware

Viewing System Information

Checking your System's Score

Using Device Manager

Viewing Hardware and Devices


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Lesson 4.4: Advanced Hardware Management

Updating Device Drivers

Improving System Performance

Installing New Hardware

Managing Your Hard Disks


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions


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