Conference and Event Management Course Outline

Conference and Event Management

How to Use This Guide

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Event Planning Essentials

Identifying Key Event Elements

Setting Goals and Objectives

Getting Organized

Session Three: Budgeting Basics

Pre-Assignment Review

The Real Budget

Getting Strict About the Budget

Session Four: Using the Committee Approach

Getting the Right People Doing the Right Things

Doing Delegation Right

Session Five: Connecting with Partners and Sponsors

Benefits of Support

Step Up and Ask!

Session Six: Advertising and Marketing

Getting the Word Out

The “Touch” Factor

Take-Away Planning

Session Seven: Selecting the Venue

Session Eight: Feeding the Masses

Setting up the Menu

Finding Food Solutions

Session Nine: Business Etiquette Basics

Don’t Be Afraid!

The Edge of Etiquette

Think Space!

Session Ten: Celebrating Diversity

What Does It Mean?

Diversity Assessment

Session Eleven: Creating an Atmosphere of Service

Introduction to Customer Service

Critical Elements of Customer Service

Session Twelve: Selecting Speakers and a Master of Ceremonies

People in Your Event

People in Practice

Session Thirteen: Managing Contracts

Session Fourteen: Gathering Feedback

Gathering Feedback from Delegates

Gathering Feedback from the Client

Designing Feedback

Session Fifteen: Adding the Finishing Touches

Session Sixteen: Event Day Roles

Things to Do

Managing Your Image

Session Seventeen: Closing the Event

Creating the Conference Report

Holding the Post-Event Meeting and Thanking Those Involved

Session Eighteen: Practicing Planning

Creating an Event Plan Draft


Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys

Personal Action Plan

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