Effective Planning and Scheduling Course Outline

Effective Planning and Scheduling

How to Use This Guide

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Projects and Schedules

Session Three: The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

What is a Work Breakdown Structure?

The Role of a Work Breakdown Structure

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure Formats

Work Breakdown Structure Numbering

Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary

Work Breakdown Structure Exercise

Session Four: Estimating Activity Durations

Session Five: Camping Case Study

Session Six: Identifying Task Dependencies

About Task Dependencies

Task Dependency Types

Case Study: Trip to New York

Task Relationships Exercise

Session Seven: Aligning Resources with Activities


Stages of Resource Scheduling

Case Study: Planning an Outdoor Concert

Session Eight: Project Planning

Network Diagrams

Critical Path Method

Critical Path Exercise

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

About Gantt Charts

Gantt Chart Exercise

Session Nine: Scheduling Software

Session Ten: Uncertainty and Risk Management

About Risk Management

Risk Management Planning

Pre-Assignment Review

Session Eleven: Communication Strategies

About Communication

Team Members

Communication Exercise

Session Twelve: Creating a Viable Schedule

Creating a Schedule

Common Scheduling Problems

Session Thirteen: Updating and Monitoring the Schedule

Schedule Updates

Case Study

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys

Personal Action Plan

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