Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 - Advanced Course Outline

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 - Advanced

Section 1: Creating a Consistent Web Site

Lesson 1.1: Master Pages

About Master Pages

Creating a Master Page

Editing Master Pages

Setting an Existing Page as Master

Creating a Content Page

Attaching or Detaching a Master Page


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Lesson 1.2: Using Text Styles

Using the Apply Styles Pane

Creating a Style

Setting Style Options

Applying a Style to Text


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Lesson 1.3: Managing Text Styles

Modifying a Style

Renaming a Style

Copying a Style

Deleting a Style


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Lesson 1.4: Using Style Sheets

What are CSS Style Sheets?

Attaching a Style Sheet

Opening a Style Sheet


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Lesson 1.5: Creating a CSS Style Sheet

Using the New CSS Command

CSS Language Basics

Advanced CSS Syntax

Building a Cascading Style Sheet

Modifying a CSS Document

Using the CSS Properties Task Pane

Linking a Cascading Style Sheet


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Working With Tables

Lesson 2.1: Adding Tables

Inserting a Table

Anatomy of a Table

Drawing a Table

Selecting a Table, Row, or Cell

Inserting or Deleting Parts of a Table


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Lesson 2.2: Editing Tables

Merging Cells

Splitting Cells

Using AutoFormat

Using the AutoFit to Contents Feature


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Lesson 2.3: Manually Formatting a Table

Using the Tables Toolbar

Changing Cell Alignment

Changing Fill Color

Using Table and Cell Properties


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Lesson 2.4: More Table Options

Adding Captions

Converting a Table to Text

Converting Text to a Table

Using the Layout Tables Pane


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Site Navigation and Data Sources

Lesson 3.1: Link Bars

Creating a Site Navigation Scheme

Creating Link Bars Based on the Site Navigation Scheme

Creating a Custom Link Bar

Editing the Link Bar


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Lesson 3.2: SharePoint Quick Launch Bars

Creating a Quick Launch Link

Renaming a Link

Removing a Link

Modifying the Links in the Quick Launch Bar

Changing the Appearance of the Quick Launch Bar


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Lesson 3.3: Using Data Sources

The Data Source Library

Adding an XML Source File

Adding an ASP.NET Source

Removing a Data Source


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Lesson 3.4: More Data Source Commands

Creating a Data View

Using Data Source Properties

Filtering Data

Sorting Data

Applying Conditional Formatting

Refreshing Data


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Advanced Components

Lesson 4.1: Adding Web Components

Opening the Web Components Dialog

Choosing a Web Component

Modifying a Web Component

Downloading Additional Components


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Lesson 4.2: What is ASP.NET?

Inserting an ASP.NET Control

Types of ASP.NET Controls

Modifying ASP.NET Control Properties

Programming ASP.NET Controls

ASP.NET Data Controls

Technical Issues


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Lesson 4.3: Adding SharePoint Web Zones

What is a Web Zone?

Creating a Web Zone

Modifying Web Zone Properties

Removing a Web Zone


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Lesson 4.4: Interactive Buttons

Interactive Buttons

ASP.NET Image Buttons

Adding an Image to the Button

Adding a Script for the Image Button


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions


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