Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 - Intermediate Course Outline

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 - Intermediate

Section 1: Advanced Organization Tools

Lesson 1.1: Managing Folders

Creating Folders

Renaming Folders

Moving and Deleting Folders

Moving Messages to Folders


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Lesson 1.2: Mail Management Tools

Creating a Simple Rule

Using the Rules and Alerts Wizard

Using the Organize Pane


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Lesson 1.3: Security Tools

Using the Junk E-Mail Filter

About the Phishing Filter

About Automatic Downloads

Applying Blocked and Safe Senders Lists


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Lesson 1.4: Instant Search

Installing Instant Search

Using the Instant Search Menu

Performing an Instant Search

Using the Query Builder


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Lesson 1.5: Search Folders

About Search Folders

Creating Search Folders

Customizing Search Folders

Using Search Folders

About Favorite Folders

About Shortcut Groups


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Lesson 1.6: Finding Items in Outlook

Opening Advanced Find

Using Advanced Find

Finding Contacts


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: A Word Primer

Lesson 2.1: Selecting Text

Selecting Text with the Mouse

Selecting Text with the Keyboard

Selecting Text and Objects with the Tab

Tips and Tricks


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Lesson 2.2: Moving Text

Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text

Using the Office Clipboard

Dragging and Dropping Text

Finding Text

Replacing Text


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Lesson 2.3: Adding Fonts to Text

What is a Font?

Choosing a Font Type

Changing the Font Size

Applying Text Effects

Applying Font Color

Applying Highlighting

Changing Font's Case


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Lesson 2.4: Advanced Text Effects

Using the Format Painter

Adding Drop Caps

Applying a Quick Style

Aligning and Justifying Text


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Doing More in a Mail Message

Lesson 3.1: Formatting Paragraphs

Indenting a Paragraph

Changing Paragraph Spacing

Adding Borders or Shading

Using the Borders and Shading Dialog


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Lesson 3.2: Polishing Your Message

Creating a Bulleted or Numbered List

Adding Hyperlinks

Setting the Page Color

Using Themes

Checking Your Spelling


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Lesson 3.3: Adding Word Elements

Adding Tables

Adding Pictures and ClipArt

Adding Shapes

Adding SmartArt

Adding Text Boxes

Adding WordArt


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Lesson 3.4: Adding Outlook Elements

Adding a Calendar

Adding a Business Card

Adding Other Outlook Items


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Using E-Mail Features

Lesson 4.1: Mail Formats

Switching Between Formats

About Plain Text

About Rich Text Format

About Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)


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Lesson 4.2: Signatures and Stationery

Creating A Signature

Editing a Signature

Setting Signature Options

Using Signatures

Setting Themes

Using Stationery


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Lesson 4.3: Changing Message Options

Setting Message Priority

Marking a Message for Follow-Up

Showing and Hiding Fields

Working with Multiple E-Mail Accounts

Requesting Delivery and Read Receipts


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Lesson 4.4: Advanced Message Options

Adding Voting Options

Changing the Reply-To Address

Delaying Delivery

Saving Your Message outside Sent Items


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions

Section 5: Understanding E-Mail Accounts

Lesson 5.1: E-Mail Accounts Overview.

Setting up Your E-mail Account

Overview of E-mail Account Types

Setting Send/Receive Options


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Lesson 5.2: Microsoft Exchange Server

Setting up an Exchange Mailbox

How an Exchange Mailbox Looks

How an Exchange Mailbox Works

Extra Features Available on Exchange


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Lesson 5.3: POP3

Setting up a POP3 Mailbox

How a POP3 Account Looks

How a POP3 Account Works

Additional Features


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Lesson 5.4: IMAP

Setting up an IMAP Mailbox

How an IMAP Mailbox Looks

How an IMAP Mailbox Works

Additional Features

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Lesson 5.5: HTTP

Setting up an HTTP Mailbox

How an HTTP Account Looks

How an HTTP Account Works

Additional Features


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Lesson 5.6: RSS

Setting up an RSS Feed

How an RSS Feed Looks

How an RSS Feed Works

Additional Features


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Section 5: Case Study

Section 5: Review Questions


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