Social Selling for Small Businesses Course Outline

Social Selling for Small Businesses


Understanding Your Training Package

Preparing for Training

Our Top 10 Training Tips

Materials Required

Related Courses

Additional Resources


Icebreaker: Dream A Dream

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Defining Social Selling

It Is What It Is

Pre-Assignment Review

Getting Clear

Session Three: Doing Your Research

Who Will You Connect With?


Why Do You Want To Connect With Them?

How Will You Connect and Engage?

Making It Work

Session Four: Building Relationships

Who Do You Know?

Other People’s Content

Making Connections

Morning Wrap-Up


Energizer: Getting Focused

Session Five: Sharing Content

Being Relevant

Helping Your Sales Team Flourish

Listen and Learn


Session Six: Leveraging Technology

Diving In

Social Platforms – LinkedIn

Social Platforms – Twitter

Social Platforms – The Beauty of Pictures

Session Seven: Measuring the Results

Measuring Social Media

Your CRM

Session Eight: Keep Going Forward

Keep Moving

Making Connections


Workshop Wrap-Up