Call Center Training: Sales and Customer Service Training for Call Center Agents Course Outline

Call Center Training: Sales and Customer Service Training for Call Center Agents

How to Use This Guide

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: What’s Missing in Telephone Communication?

It’s Not What You Say; It’s How You Say It

In the Absence of Body Language

Session Three: Verbal Communication Techniques

Being Yourself and Sounding Your Best

A Service Image

Session Four: Who are Your Customers?

Define the Customer and Client

About Relationships

Session Five: To Serve and Delight

Session Six: Did You Hear Me?

Listening Skills

The Mission: To Listen

Session Seven: Asking the Right Questions

Open Questions vs. Closed Questions

Probing Techniques

Session Eight: Saying No

When We Say “No”

Delivering Bad News

Session Nine: Sales by Phone

Benefits of Telemarketing

Rapport Building

Session Ten: Taking Messages

Pen in Hand

Effective Messages

Session Eleven: Staying Out of Voice Mail Jail

Session Twelve: Closing Down the Voice

Session Thirteen: Cold and Warm Calls

The Cold Call

The Warm Call

Session Fourteen: Developing a Script

Scripting Techniques

Sample Script

Session Fifteen: Perfecting the Script

Making the Script Yours

Using Cheat Sheets

Session Sixteen: Going Above and Beyond

Fifteen Techniques for CCA Success

Customize Your Service

Session Seventeen: Handling Objections

Session Eighteen: Closing the Sale

Session Nineteen: Feelings

Session Twenty: Changes in the Customer

The Changing Customer

What the Customer Wants

Session Twenty-One: Negotiation Techniques

Mastering Negotiation Skills

Practicing Negotiation

Session Twenty-Two: It’s More Than Just a Phase

Phases of Negotiation

Negotiation Made Easier

Session Twenty-Three: High Impact Moments

Make It Count

Creating Case Studies

Session Twenty-Four: Tips for Challenging Callers

Tips and Tricks

Caller Behaviors

Up the Mountain

Session Twenty-Five: Dealing with Difficult Customers

Dealing with Problems

Dealing with Vulgarity

Session Twenty-Six: Phone Tag and Getting the Call Back

Phone Tag

Following Up

Session Twenty-Seven: This is My Mentor

Session Twenty-Eight: Stress Busting

Session Twenty-Nine: News from Within

Management Reports

Pre-Assignment Review

CCA Reports

Session Thirty: Wrapping Up

It’s a Wrap – Just About!


Session Thirty-One: Close with Vocals

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys

Personal Action Plan