Promoting a Marketing Webinar Course Outline

Promoting a Marketing Webinar

Session One: Course Overview

Learning Objectives


Pre-Course Assessment

Session Two: The Webinar

What is a Webinar? Why Use Webinars?

Pre-Assignment Review

Your Webinar Marketing Objectives

Marketing Webinars

Session Three: The Participant

Determine a Participant Profile

The Nine-Step Ideal Participant Profile Process

Ideal Participant Profile Activity

Where Does Your Participant Hang Out?

Session Four: Lead Magnets

What is a Lead Magnet?

Creating a Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet Outline Activity

Session Five: Promotion Strategy

What is Your Promotion Strategy?

Promo Time Activity

Webinar Marketing Calendar

Building Your Calendar

Session Six: Joint Ventures

Successful Joint Ventures

Joint Venture Activity

Joint Venture Proposal

Session Seven: Landing Pages

Creating a Landing Page

Long Version Landing Page

Short Version Landing Page

Thank-you Email and Registration Confirmation

Your Turn

Session Eight: Re-Evaluating

Re-Evaluating First Impressions

Personal Action Plan

Course Summary

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Course Assessment Answer Key

Pre-Course Assessment

Post-Course Assessment

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