Growth Hacking Course Outline

Growth Hacking

Session One: Course Overview

Course Overview

Learning Objectives


Pre-Course Assessment

Session Two: Learning the Mindset

Growth Hacking Defined

Mantras of a Growth Hacker

Making Connections: A Growth Recipe

Session Three: Framing the Need

The Relationship

Understanding Your Customers

Making Connections: Who, What, How

Product Market Fit (PMF)

Making Connections: What Do You Know?

Understanding Your Company

Making Connections: Inviting and Using Feedback

Session Four: Making the Match

Making the Match in Growth Hacking

Relationships Reviewed

Making Connections: Get the FAQs

Building an Effective Audience

Making Connections: An Enduring Outlook

Elements of Negotiation

Social and Emotional Intelligence

Making Connections: Positive Outcome

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Making Connections: Your USP

Session Five: Going Live

Process Steps

Making Connections: Workplan Development

Reaching Customers

Making Connections: Making it Look Good

Making Connections: Getting Noticed

Creating a Project Plan

Making Connections: Creating a Plan for Success

Your Growth Hacking Outline

Session Six: Maximizing Results

The Path to Growth Hacking Success

Defining Success

Learning to Experiment

Making Connections: A Trial

Session Seven: Optimizing and Moving Forward


Ingredients for Optimization

Examining your Ingredients

Making Connections: Task Check

Resources and Inspiration

Searching for More Information Activity

Personal Action Plan

Course Summary

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Course Assessment Answer Keys

Pre-Course Assessment

Post- Course Assessment

Assignment Answer Keys

Session Two: Learning the Mindset

Session Four: Making the Match

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