Core Essentials - MS Word 2007 Course Outline

Core Essentials - MS Word 2007

Module 1: The Basics

Getting Started

Creating a Document

Using Templates

Using Tabs

Doing More with Text


Module 2: Working with Text and Paragraphs

Moving Text

Using Find and Replace

Aligning and Justifying Text

Setting Paragraph Options

Applying Bullets and Numbers


Break (15 minutes)

Module 3: Formatting Text

Working with Fonts on the Home Tab

Working with the Fonts Dialog

Applying QuickStyles

Changing the Style Set or the Theme

Using the Format Painter

Adding Drop Caps


Module 4: Formatting the Page

Inserting Breaks

Using Columns

Setting the Page Border and Color

Adding Watermarks

Adding a Cover Page


Lunch (60 minutes)

Module 5: Adding Art and Objects

Inserting Tables

Adding Pictures

Drawing Shapes

Adding SmartArt

Adding Text Boxes


Break (15 minutes)

Module 6: The Finishing Touches

Using Research Tools

Adding Headers and Footers

Creating a Table of Contents

Creating an Index


Module 7: Viewing and Printing

Using Views

Using Zoom

Using Page Setup

Previewing Your Document

Printing a Document

E-Mailing a Document


Workshop Wrap-Up

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