Core Essentials - MS Outlook 2007 Course Outline

Core Essentials - MS Outlook 2007

Module One: The Basics

Getting Started

Using the Notification Icon

Using the To-Do Bar

Using the Navigation Pane and Opening Messages

About the Two Interfaces


Review Questions

Module Two: Setting Up a Mail Account

Types of Accounts

Creating a Mail Account

Sending and Receiving Mail

Subscribing to an RSS Feed

Viewing RSS Feeds

Creating a Signature


Review Questions

Break (15 minutes)

Module Three: Creating a Message

Opening a New Message

Formatting Text

Attaching Files or Items

Changing the Theme

Checking Your Spelling

Sending the Message


Review Questions

Module Four: Advanced Message Tasks

Changing the Importance of a Message

Adding Word Elements

Requesting Delivery Receipts

Changing the Delivery Time

Viewing Extra Fields

Adding Voting Buttons


Review Questions

Lunch (60 minutes)

Module Five: Working with the Calendar and Tasks

Opening the Calendar

Creating a New Appointment

Changing the Calendar View

Opening the Task List

Creating Tasks

Changing the Task View


Review Questions

Break (15 minutes)

Module Six: Working with Contacts

Opening Contacts

Creating a New Contact

Changing the Contact View

Creating Distribution Lists

Using Contacts in a Mail Message

Using the Address Book


Review Questions

Module Seven: Common Tasks

Using the Reply and Forward Commands

Categorizing Items

Searching For Items

Using Folders

Moving Items

Dealing with Junk Mail


Review Questions

Workshop Wrap-Up

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