Core Essentials - MS Project 2007 Course Outline

Core Essentials - MS Project 2007

Module 1: The Basics

Getting Started

Creating a Project

Using Templates

Using the Project Guide

Entering Project Information

Defining Working Times


Module 2: Working with Tasks

Listing Tasks

Viewing Task Information

Splitting Tasks

Break (15 minutes)

Creating Summary Tasks, Subtasks, and Recurring Tasks

Linking and Unlinking Tasks

Understanding Task Indicators

Using Change Highlighting


Module 3: Adding Resources

Using the Resources Project Guide

Entering Resources

Viewing Resource Information

Assigning Resources to Tasks

Viewing Resource Graphs

Leveling Resources


Lunch (60 minutes)

Module 4: Customizing the Gantt Chart

Using Zoom

Formatting the Chart Manually

Formatting the Chart using the Wizard

Formatting the Timescale

Drawing a Text Box

Adding Progress Lines


Module 5: Tracking Tasks

Creating a Baseline

Viewing the Critical Path

Updating Tasks

Updating the Project

Using the Task Drivers Pane

Creating an Interim Plan


Break (15 minutes)

Module 6: Generating Reports

Using the Report Project Guide

Generating Traditional Reports

Generating Excel Reports

Generating Visio Reports

Using the Copy Picture Tool


Module 7: Finishing Touches

Checking Spelling

Adding a Header or Footer

Previewing your Project

Printing a Project

E-Mailing a Project


Workshop Wrap-Up

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