Core Essentials - MS Publisher 2007 Course Outline

Core Essentials - MS Publisher 2007


Module 1: The Basics

Opening and Closing Microsoft Publisher

Creating a Publication Using the Getting Started Window.

Creating a Publication from the Menu

The Publisher Interface

Typing Text

Defining Your Business Information


Module 2: The Format Publication Task Pane

Choosing Page Options

Break (15 minutes)

Selecting a Color Scheme

Selecting a Font Scheme

Setting the Publication Options


Module 3: Formatting Text

Working with Fonts on the Formatting Toolbar

Working with the Font Dialog Box

Applying Styles

Using the Format Painter

Adding Drop Caps


Lunch (60 minutes)

Module 4: Formatting the Page

Inserting, Deleting, and Renaming Pages

Using Columns

Setting the Page Background

Using Master Pages

Using Sections


Module 5: Adding Art and Objects

Inserting Tables

Using Table AutoFormat

Adding Pictures

Drawing Shapes

Adding Text Boxes

Break (15 minutes)

Using the Design Gallery

Using the Content Library


Module 6: Arranging the Page

Using the Ruler

Using Guides

Using Snap

Aligning and Distributing Objects

Rotating and Flipping Objects


Module 7: Viewing and Printing

Using Views

Using Zoom.

Using Page Setup

Previewing a Publication

Printing a Publication

E-mailing a Publication


Workshop Wrap-Up

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