Core Essentials - MS Access 2007 Course Outline

Core Essentials - MS Access 2007

Module 1: An Introduction to Access

Planning a Database

Database Terminology

Getting Started with Access

Using the Getting Started Window

Creating a Database


Module 2: The Basics of Navigating Through Access

Using the Ribbon Tabs

Viewing Database Objects

About Object Views

Saving, Exporting, and Deleting Database Objects

About Security Warnings


Break (15 minutes)

Module 3: Tables, Part I

Creating a Table

Adding Records

Editing Records

Deleting Records


Lunch (60 minutes)

Module 4: Tables, Part II

Searching for Records

Formatting Tables & Records

Working with Data

Using Spell Check

Printing and E-Mailing Data


Module 5: Forms

Bound vs. Unbound Controls

Creating a Form with the Wizard

Using Design View to Modify Your Form

Formatting the Form

Using the Control Wizard

Using Forms

Printing a Form


Break (15 minutes)

Module 6: Queries

Types of Queries

Creating a Query with the Wizard

Sorting and Filtering a Query

Running a Query

About Relationships


Module 7: Reports

What is a Report?

Creating a Report with the Wizard

Using Design View to Modify Your Report

Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping Data

Formatting a Report

Printing Reports

Using the Zoom Box


Workshop Wrap-Up

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