Global Business Strategies Course Outline

Global Business Strategies


Understanding Your Training Package

Preparing for Training

Our Top 10 Training Tips

Materials Required

Related Courses

Additional Resources

Agenda: Day One

Icebreaker: Brain Stretchers!

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Understanding the Global Business Environment

Defining Globalization

Factors in Globalization

Exercising Knowledge (Pre-Assignment Review)



Top Trends

Take on the World


Session Three: The Global Trade Market

Evaluating Your Options

Understanding Trade Agreements

How Trade Transactions Work

Morning Wrap-Up


Energizer: Good Intentions

Session Four: Products and Services

How Services Are Traded

How Goods Are Traded

How Intangible Products Fit In

What’s Your Value?


Mechanics of a Trade Transaction

Session Five: E-Commerce on the Global Stage

What is E-Commerce?

Protection of Information

Basic E-Commerce Business Models

Give It A Go

Review the Business Models

E-Commerce Goals and Models

Day One Wrap-Up

Agenda: Day Two

Icebreaker: Meet You at the Commons!

Session Six: Working in the Global Context

Bridging the Cultural Gap

Stepping Over the Cultural Gap

Building Relationships


Is There a Global Culture Developing?

Session Seven: The Economics of Global Business

Managing Multiple Currencies


Mitigating Your Risks

Basics of Trade Finance

Getting Paid

Trade Finance and Technology

Making Connections

Morning Wrap-Up


Energizer: One Potato Two Potato

Session Eight: The Logistics of Global Business

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Identifying and Meeting Documentation Requirements

Security and Safety


Negotiating Market Entry

Session Nine: Rules and Regulations

International Regulations

Extraterritoriality and Fair Trade

Health and Environmental Regulations

Getting the Right Advice: The Legal Bits

Testing the Waters


Day Two Wrap-Up

Agenda: Day Three

Icebreaker: Hello?

Session Ten: Beyond the Rules – Ethical Concerns

The Ethical Conundrum

Making Connections

Different Points of View

Making Connections


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