Upgrading To Word 2007 Course Outline

Upgrading To Word 2007

Section 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1.1: Starting Out

What's New in Word 2007?

Why Upgrade?

Our Favorite Features

Interface Overview


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Lesson 1.2: Using Page Setup

Using the Page Setup Group

Setting Margins

Changing Page Orientation

Setting Paper Size

Using the Page Setup Dialog


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Lesson 1.3: Using Print Preview

Opening Print Preview

Using the Print Preview Tab

Navigating Print Preview

Closing Print Preview

Print Preview versus Print Layout


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Lesson 1.4: Getting Help in Word

Opening Help

Using the Help Screen

The Help Toolbar

Searching for Help

Online Help vsOffline Help

Using the Table of Contents

Getting Help in a Dialog Box


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: The New Interface

Lesson 2.1: Getting Acquainted

Using the Office Menu

Using the Status Bar

Using the Mini Toolbar

Using Dialog Boxes

Using Right-Click Menus

Keyboard Shortcuts


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Lesson 2.2: The Quick Access Toolbar

Using the Toolbar

Adding and Removing Buttons

Moving the Quick Access Toolbar

Using the Options Dialog to Customize the Toolbar


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Lesson 2.3: Tabs and Groups

About Tabs

About Groups

About Option Buttons

Minimizing the Tab


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Lesson 2.4: The Home Tab

Clipboard Commands

Font Commands

Paragraph Commands

Styles Commands

Editing Commands


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Lesson 2.5: The Insert Tab

Pages Commands

Tables Commands

Illustration Commands

Link Commands

Header and Footer Commands

Text Commands

Symbols Commands


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Lesson 2.6: The View Tab

Document Views Commands

Show/Hide Tools

Zoom Tools

Window Commands

Macro Commands


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Working with Documents

Lesson 3.1: Working with Pages

Adding a Cover Page

Creating a Blank Page

Changing the Page Color

Adding a Watermark

Adding a Page Border


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Lesson 3.2: Creating Basic Headers and Footers

Using a Preset Header or Footer

Editing a Header or a Footer

Adding a Header or Footer to the Gallery

Navigating Through Headers and Footers

Removing a Header or a Footer


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Lesson 3.3: Using Language Tools

Setting Your Language

Using the Spelling and Grammar Context Menu

Running a Spelling and Grammar Check

Setting Spelling and Grammar Options

Controlling Hyphenation

Performing a Word Count


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Lesson 3.4: Using Building Blocks

Adding Watermarks

Inserting Quick Parts

Adding Quick Parts

Using the Building Blocks Organizer

Inserting Building Blocks


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Lesson 3.5: Creating a Table of Contents

The ABCs of TOCs

Marking Text Using Heading Styles

Marking Text Using Outline Levels

Marking Text Using the References Tab

Inserting a Table of Contents

Updating a Table of Contents


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Lesson 3.6: Creating a Bibliography

Inserting Citations

Managing Sources

Choosing a Style

Inserting a Bibliography

Updating a Bibliography


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Styles, Themes, and Graphics

Lesson 4.1: Making your Document Consistent

Using Themes

Using Theme Colors

Using Theme Fonts

Using Theme Effects


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Lesson 4.2: Creating SmartArt

Adding SmartArt

Using the Text Pane

Using the SmartArt Tools Design Tab

Using the SmartArt Tools Format Tab


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Lesson 4.3: Using Text Boxes

Inserting a Pre-Defined Text Box

Drawing a Text Box

Working with Text Boxes

Using the Text Box Tools Tab

Changing the Appearance of a Text Box

Adding Shadow and 3-D Effects

Linking Text Boxes


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Lesson 4.4: Using the Quick Style Gallery

Understanding Styles

Applying a Style

Changing Text's Style

Removing a Style from Text

Using the Apply Styles Window


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Lesson 4.5: Changing your Styles

Changing Your Style Set

Changing Your Color Scheme

Changing Your Font Scheme

Making Changes Permanent


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Lesson 4.6: Doing More with Styles

Creating Styles from Existing Text

Creating Styles Using the Task Pane

Modifying the Quick Style Gallery

Using the Style Inspector

Managing Styles


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions

Section 5: Working with Files

Lesson 5.1: Saving your Files

Using File Formats

Publishing to PDF or XPS

Setting File Passwords

Using AutoRecover


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Lesson 5.2: Finishing your Files

Using File Properties

Running the Document Inspector

Marking a Document as Final

Encrypting Your Documents

Digitally Signing Your Documents

Inserting a Signature Line


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Lesson 5.3: Making Word Work Backwards

Opening Documents in Word 97-2003 Format

Converting Documents in Word 97-2003 Format

Running the Compatibility Checker

Saving Documents in Word 97-2003 Format

Setting Compatibility Options

Compatibility Packs for Microsoft Office Word 2003


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Lesson 5.4: Working with XML

An XML Primer

About the New XML File Type

Opening the XML Structure Task Pane

Applying an XML Schema to a Document

The Power of XML

Using the Schema Library

Creating a Custom Smart Tag


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Lesson 5.5: Publishing Documents

Publishing to Document Management Servers

Creating a Blog Post

Using Blogging Tools

Publishing a Blog


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Section 5: Case Study

Section 5: Review Questions


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