Upgrading To Publisher 2007 Course Outline

Upgrading To Publisher 2007

Section 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1.1: Starting Out

What's New in Publisher 2007?

Why Upgrade?

Our Favorite Features

Interface Overview


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Lesson 1.2: Creating a Publication from the Getting Started Window

Choosing a Publication Type

Choosing a Template

Customizing a Template

Searching For Templates

Opening a Recent Publication


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Lesson 1.3: Using the Format Publication Task Pane

Setting Page Options

Setting Color Schemes

Setting Font Schemes

Setting Other Options


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Lesson 1.4: Getting Help in Publisher

Using the Help Menu

Using the Help Screen

Using the Ask a Question Box

Getting Help in a Dialog Box


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Adding To Your Publication

Lesson 2.1: Adding Business Information

About Business Information

Using the Business Information Task Pane

Using the Business Information Dialog

Adding Your Information to a Publication

Editing Your Information


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Lesson 2.2: Adding Graphics

Using Picture Frames

Inserting ClipArt

Inserting a Picture from a File

Inserting a Picture from a Scanner/Camera

Drawing a Shape from the Objects Toolbar


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Lesson 2.3: Editing Graphics

The Picture Toolbar

Using the Format Picture Dialog

Using Picture Display


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Lesson 2.4: Editing Your Publication

Changing Your Design

Applying Backgrounds

Inserting an Object from the Design Gallery

The Content Library

Inserting an Object from the Content Library

Adding an Object to the Content Library


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 2.5: Using Page Setup and Print Setup

Opening Page Setup

Choosing a Paper Size

Setting a Custom Paper Size

Opening Print Setup

Modifying Publication and Paper Settings

Setting Printer Details


Skill Sharpener

Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Polishing Your Publication

Lesson 3.1: Using the Ruler to Set Guides

Viewing the Ruler

Adding a Horizontal Guide

Adding a Vertical Guide

Formatting Horizontal Rules


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Lesson 3.2: Adding Headers and Footers

Viewing Headers and Footers

Using the Header and Footer Toolbar

Removing a Header or Footer


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Lesson 3.3: Using Color Schemes

Applying a Color Scheme

Creating a Color Scheme

Editing a Color Scheme

Deleting a Color Scheme


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Lesson 3.4: Using Font Schemes

Applying a Font Scheme

Creating a Font Scheme

Editing a Font Scheme

Deleting a Font Scheme

Setting Font Scheme Options


Skill Sharpener

Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Completing Your Publication

Lesson 4.1: Saving Your Files

Using File Formats

Using File Properties

Using AutoRecover

Saving a Publication as a Picture


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 4.2: Using Commercial Printing Tools

Setting Fonts

Setting Color Printing Options

Registering (Trapping) Settings per Publication

Registering (Trapping) Settings per Objects


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 4.3: Preparing Your Publication

The Design Checker

Using the Graphics Manager

Packing a Publication to Take to Another Computer

Packing a Publication to Take to a Commercial Printing Service

Converting a Publication for the Web


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 4.4: Sending Your Publication

Publishing to PDF or XPS

Using E-mail Preview

E-mailing your Publication as a Message

E-mailing your Publication as an Attachment


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 4.5: Merging Your Publication

Types of Merges

Setting Up an Address List in Publisher

Performing a Mail Merge

Performing an E-mail Merge

Performing a Catalog Merge


Skill Sharpener

Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions

Section 5: Advanced Topics

Lesson 5.1: Setting Publisher Options

Using the Trust Center

Changing Publisher's Measurement Units

Disabling Wizards

Setting Auto Recover Options


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 5.2: Setting Language Options

Setting AutoCorrect Options

Setting Your Language

Setting Spelling Options

Using Hyphenation


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 5.3: Publisher and Word

Importing Word Documents from the Getting Started Window

Importing a Word Document into an Existing Publication

Editing a Story in Word

Saving a Publisher File as a Word Document


Skill Sharpener

Section 5: Case Study

Section 5: Review Questions


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