Upgrading to SharePoint Designer 2010 Course Outline

Upgrading to SharePoint Designer 2010



Section 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1.1: Meeting Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010

What is Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010?

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

What’s New in Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010?

Basic SharePoint Terminology

Skill Sharpener

Lesson 1.2: Getting Started with Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010

Opening SharePoint Designer

Opening a Site

Closing a Site

Closing SharePoint Designer


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Lesson 1.3: Interface Basics

Interface Overview

Understanding and Using Backstage View (File Menu)

Using Standard Tabs

Using Contextual Tabs

Minimizing the Ribbon


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Lesson 1.4: Working with Site Objects

Using the Navigation Pane

Browsing Object Types

Pinning an Object Type

Renaming and Deleting an Object

Working with Tabs

Using the Breadcrumb Trail


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Lesson 1.5: Using the Quick Access Toolbar

The Default Quick Access Toolbar Commands

Adding Commands

Removing Commands

Customizing the Toolbar


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 1.6: Customizing the Ribbon

Getting Started

Adding or Removing Tabs

Arranging Tabs and Groups

Creating New Tabs and Groups

Customizing Group Commands

Resetting all Customizations


Skill Sharpener

Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: New Site and Page Management Features

Lesson 2.1: Working with Pages

Using Administration Pages

Viewing the Site Summary Page

Viewing Summary Pages

Viewing Gallery Pages

Reverting Site Pages


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 2.2: Understanding Other Content Types

Creating Lists

Creating Libraries

Using the Lists and Libraries Tab

Creating Workflows

Using the Workflows Tab


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 2.3: Customizing Site Columns

Understanding Site Columns

Using the Columns Tab

Modifying Site Columns

Creating a New Column

Renaming and Deleting Columns

Applying Your Changes


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 2.4: Linking Data to a Site Page

Setting Up an Internal Data Source

Creating an XSLT Data View from an Existing Data Source

About Related Item Views

Creating an Empty Data View

Creating a New Item Form


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 2.5: Formatting the Data View

Applying Conditional Formatting

Adding a Custom Action

Applying a Style

Changing Toolbar Display


Skill Sharpener

Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Improved Workflow Features

Lesson 3.1: Getting Started

Understanding Types of Workflows

Viewing Existing Workflows

Using the Workflows Tab

Copying and Modifying a Workflow

Renaming a Workflow

Deleting a Workflow


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 3.2: Creating a New Workflow

Creating a Workflow

Using the Workflow Tab

Adding Conditions

Adding Actions

Adding Steps

Adding Impersonation Steps


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 3.3: Managing Workflows

Changing Workflow Start Options

Changing Workflow Visibility

Associating Forms with a Workflow

Saving a Workflow Template


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 3.4: Finishing the Workflow

Saving the Workflow

Checking for Errors

Publishing the Workflow

Testing the Workflow


Skill Sharpener

Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Using Visio 2010 with SharePoint Designer 2010

Lesson 4.1: Creating Workflow Diagrams

Understanding Visio 2010

Creating a SharePoint Workflow Diagram in Visio 2010

Using the Process Tab

Adding Start and Terminate Shapes

Adding Conditions and Actions

Adding Connectors


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 4.2: Completing Your Workflow Diagram

Checking the Diagram for Errors

Saving Your Drawing as a Visio 2010 Workflow Interchange File

Importing a Workflow Drawing into Visio


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 4.3: Creating a Workflow in SharePoint Designer

Importing a Visio 2010 Drawing into a SharePoint Workflow

Setting the Variables

Checking the Workflow for Errors

Publishing the Workflow

Exporting a Workflow to Visio


Skill Sharpener

Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions

Answer Key

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4


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