Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 - Advanced Course Outline

Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 - Advanced

SECTION 1: Customizing Publisher 2003

Lesson 1.1: Customizing Publisher 2003

The Options Dialog Box

General Options

Editing Options

User Assistance Options

Printing Options

Saving Options

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.2: Customizing Publisher's Toolbars

Toolbar Customization Options

Create Custom Toolbars

Adding and Removing Commands

Reset, Rename And Delete Toolbars

Practice Exercise

Section 1: Review Questions

SECTION 2: Publisher and the World Wide Web

Lesson 2.1: Converting Publications

Convert a Print Publication to a Web Publication

Convert a Web Publication to a Print Publication

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.2: Creating a Web Site

Selecting Web Site Designs

Selecting Navigation Options

Inserting Web Pages and Adding Forms

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.3: Incorporating Hyperlinks

Inserting Hyperlinks

Link to Another Publication Page

Link to a Web Page or Existing File

Link to a New File

Link to an E-mail Address

Modify and Remove Hyperlinks

Practice Exercise

Section 2: Review Questions

SECTION 3: More on Creating Web Sites

Lesson 3.1: Hot Spots

Adding Hot Spots

Resizing and Moving Hot Spots

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.2: Web Form Controls

The Form Controls Toolbar

Attaching Single And Multi-Line Text Boxes

Inserting A Check Box And Option Button

Attaching A Submit And Reset Button

Attaching a List Box

Modifying Form Properties

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.3: Designing Your Web Page

Setting The Width Of A Web Page

Modifying Web Page Text Colours For Hyperlinks

Apply Background Colour And Texture To A Web Page Background

Apply Sound And Animated Clips

Incorporating And Adding HTML Code Fragments

Applying The Same Text To All Browsers

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.4: Managing your Web Page

Web Options

Previewing Your Web Page

Publish A Web Site

Updating A Web Page

Practice Exercise

Section 3: Review Questions

SECTION 4: Speech and Handwriting Recognition

Lesson 4.1: Installation and Settings

Setting It Up

The Language Toolbar

Speech And Handwriting Settings

Practice Exercise

Lesson 4.2: Speech and Handwriting Recognition

Install And Train Speech Recognition

Speech Options and Advanced Settings

The Handwriting Toolbar

The Onscreen Keyboard and Symbol Keyboard

Change Handwriting Options

Practice Exercise

Section 4: Review Questions

SECTION 5: More Publisher Features

Lesson 5.1: Creating Catalogue Merges

Understanding Catalogue Merges

The Merge Wizard

Including Photos

Selecting The Data Source

Setting Up The Page And Data Fields

Previewing The Catalogue Merge

Completing The Merge

Practice Exercise

Lesson 5.2: Master Pages

Viewing And Creating Master Pages

The Master Page Editing Toolbar

Sending Objects To The Master Page

Single and Two-Page Master Pages

Apply a Master Page to Separate Pages of a Two Page Spread

Apply A Master Page To A Variety Of Pages

Practice Exercise

Section 5: Review Questions